WTF | 2017 | 121 minutes

SIFF Says:

Director Joseph Kahn—most known for his decades-spanning music video career working with artists like Britney Spears (“Toxic”), Destiny’s Child (“Say My Name”), Taylor Swift (“Bad Blood”), and many more—steps into the underground realm of Oakland hip-hop in his latest feature, executive produced by Eminem, that’s a satirical exploration of the rap battle scene. Adam (Calum Worthy, Netflix’s “American Vandal”) is a white “progressive” college student writing a paper on the different uses of the “N word” in battle rap, and as he begins his research at different bouts, he quickly gets swept up in the excitement and becomes a battler himself, much to the chagrin of his white girlfriend (Rory Uphold, SIFF 2015’s CIRCLE). Teaming up with battle rap king Behn Grymm, fastidiously played by Jackie Long (ATL, IDLEWILD), Adam dives further into the world of battle rap, neglecting his personal and professional life of living in his successful professor father's shadow (Anthony Michael Hall, THE BREAKFAST CLUB). Winner of the audience awards at TIFF Midnight Madness and the 2017 Fantastic Fest, BODIED challenges the mindsets of a new America with each breathless verse.

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Film Credits
Joseph Kahn
Calum Worthy, Jackie Long, Rory Uphold
SIFF 2018