The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales...

Films4Families | 2017 | 83 minutes

SIFF Says:

Cunning and ruthless, a fox descends upon his helpless prey, three newly hatched chicks huddled in the night…and decides that they’re too darn cute to eat. Adapting from his own graphic novel, Benjamin Renner (co-director of ERNEST & CELESTINE) presents this and two other animated short stories starring talking farm animals that often defy their stereotypical natures. A stork indifferent to delivering babies provides the premise for “A Baby to Deliver,” where the listless stork outsources to a rabbit, a pig, and a duck that hates water. The eponymous second act features a meek fox who is constantly scared off by his hen prey. With the evil wolf’s advice, he resolves to eat the hen’s eggs, but they hatch first. When the newborn chicks mistake the fox for their mother, he finds himself confounded between being a nurturer and a hunter. Closing the film is “The Perfect Christmas,” in which the animals, convinced they killed Santa, panic to find a replacement before anybody finds out. The wacky, jocular tone of these stories is complemented by over-the-top voice acting and zany, hand-drawn animation that mixes delicate landscapes with erratic motion. THE BIG BAD FOX & OTHER TALES proves a silly, eccentric, but also tender, cartoon film for all ages.

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Film Credits
Patrick Imbert, Benjamin Renner
Kamel Abdessadok, Jules Bienvenu, Guillaume Bouchède, Guillaume Darnault, Jean-Loup Horwitz
SIFF 2018