Contemporary World Cinema | 2017 | 88 minutes

SIFF Says:

Assi, a screenwriter and a poet, is sentenced to community service following a motorcycle accident. The form of this community service? Teaching cinema to a group of juvenile delinquents in a southern Israeli town. He might have had an easier time in jail. With their riotous energy and cheerful insolence, the kids exist in an environment of barely controlled chaos. But with the help of the program’s long-suffering director, Assi begins to break through their defenses as he teaches them to express themselves through film. He develops an especially close relationship with one boy, Eden, as full of potential as he is troubled. As he assumes the role of Eden’s mentor, and becomes increasingly involved in the boy’s life, the two will discover together the limitations and possibilities of rehabilitation. Striking in its realism and honest, DOUBTFUL is based on actual events that took place in the director's life; the juvenile actors have no former experience and bring a freshness and lively charm to their cinematic debut. Winner of the awards for Best First Film and Best Cinematography at the Jerusalem Film Festival (the film’s cinematographer Shai Goldman is best known for THE BAND’S VISIT), DOUBTFUL was also nominated for nine Ophir Awards (the Israeli Academy Awards) including Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Film.

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Film Credits
Eliran Elia
Yaakov Aderet, Osher Amara, Liron Ben-Shlush
SIFF 2018