Culinary Cinema | 2018 | 91 minutes

SIFF Says:

Every day in America, three new breweries open for business, and there are now more breweries in the United States than institutions of higher learning. By all accounts, the past two decades have been a renaissance period for smaller craft beers. In BREWMASTER, director Douglas Tirola delves into the craftsmanship, passion, and innovation thriving within the American beer and brewing industry. Strange as it sounds, the seeds of today’s craft brewing revolution were planted during Prohibition—alcohol’s illegality meant that beer lovers had to turn to home brewing. This led the way to such personalities as Garrett Oliver, Jim Koch, Vaclav Berka, and Sam Calagione, each of whom turned their home-brew hobby into craft brew career. Their success inspires two of the film’s subjects: Drew Kostic, who gave up a promising legal career in order to pursue a startup brewery, and Brian Reed, a Milwaukee based educator studying to become a Master Cicerone, the beer equivalent of a sommelier, of which only 16 people hold this prestige title. However, exuberance turns to caution as many in the industry wonder when this unprecedented boom will inevitably go bust. BREWMASTER creates a cinematic portrait of beer, those who love it, those who make it, and those who are hustling to make their own mark upon it.

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Film Credits
Douglas Tirola
Drew Kostic, Brian Reed, Sam Calagione, Jen Kimmich, John Kimmich, Jim Koch, Garrett Oliver, Rob Tod
SIFF 2018