Contemporary World Cinema | 2017 | 85 minutes

Stranger Says:

Is Luna a shitty person, or is she just covered in the shit spatter from her toxic group of friends? The answer seems clear in the first 20 minutes of the film, when she steals a puppy, nearly gets into a catfight over her good-for-nothing boyfriend, and enjoys a night of frivolous partying that peaks with a horrible act committed almost off-handedly with her participation. She doesn’t distance herself from it exactly, but her actions come full circle soon enough, and she’s left questioning her judgment and decisions, and the people she’s chosen to surround herself with. Though it could have easily become a cautionary tale, Luna ends up being a powerful film about redemption and forgiveness.

SIFF Says:

After a violent booze-soaked party goes wrong, teenager Luna (Laëtitia Clément) decides to try and distance herself from the testosterone-filled, party subculture she’s been surrounded by for so long. Fed up with being ignored and exploited by her egotistical boyfriend, she separates from the group and focuses on her work at a local greenhouse where she receives her NVQ (National Vocational Qualification). There she begins a relationship with Alex (Rod Paradot), a local graffiti artist and trumpeter, whose sensitivity and kindness is the opposite of everything Luna has previously associated with romance. But of course starting over is never this easy. Luna realizes she’s met Alex before, under dark circumstances at the same party that made her step back from her old life. Once Alex realizes who she used to be it could change everything, and so Luna must weigh the consequences and confront her past, deciding if honesty is worth risking it all. Director Elsa Diringer provides an honest and realistic window into the life and struggles of a teenage girl learning to take back control of her own life, accompanied by authentic performances from newcomer Clément and Paradot.

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Film Credits
Elsa Diringer
Laetitia Clément, Rod Paradot
SIFF 2018