Contemporary World Cinema | 2018 | 105 minutes

SIFF Says:

“Although the events are dangerously true,” GARBAGE’s opening legend intones, “this is a work of fiction.” With a pulsing energy and a ferocious call to arms to dismantle the world of violent men, this taboo-breaking thriller from Indian provocateur Q (2010’s GANDU, infamously banned in its country of origin) refuses to play nice. Phanishwar (Tanmay Dhanania) is a Goa-based taxi driver who leads a sick secret life: he spews vile bits of hate speech online, all in the name of a controversial guru and cult leader, and keeps a mute female slave (Satarupa Das) chained up in his apartment to serve his every need. One day, the driver stops by the airport and picks up Rami (Trimala Adhikari), a medical student who’s arrived at this coastal party town to escape her life. After stalking her on social media, Phanishwar discovers what has her so frazzled—her ex-boyfriend has posted a sex tape, starring her and two men, and it’s going viral on social media—and a downward spiral begins, pulling everything into the driver’s pathetic, destructive orbit. GARBAGE is an assaultive, psychedelic experience that dismantles everything from India’s religious-military right to a sex-obsessed media, marking Q as one of his country’s wildest, most unpredictable filmmakers.

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Film Credits
Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee)
Tanmay Dhanania, Trimala Adhikari, Satarupa Das, Gitanjali Dang, Shruti Viswan
SIFF 2018