The Bleeding Edge

Documentary Films | 2018 | 99 minutes

SIFF Says:

America has the most technologically advanced health care system in the world. Through research and development, our quality of life has drastically improved, from the advent of pacemakers to bionic limbs. However these same life saving technologies may also killing us at alarming rates as medical error ranks in the top five causes of death in the United States. Most high-risk devices don’t even require a single clinical trial. In their chilling new documentary THE BLEEDING EDGE, filmmakerss Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (THE HUNTING GROUND, TWIST OF FAITH) uncover the dark side of the $400 billion medical device industry. They follow the personal stories of victims affected by medical technology gone awry, giving voice to injured victims that have no reprieve while shining a spotlight on frightening instances of corporate abuse and the convoluted legal loopholes that have allowed companies to continue operating. We are indeed living in the future, where we might subject our bodies to a seemingly harmless sterilization device, a sinister robotic surgeon or something more frightening. THE BLEEDING EDGE is an angering, enlightening expose that ultimately calls on us to demand change and accountability.

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Kirby Dick
SIFF 2018