Ballet Now

Documentary Films | 2018 | 67 minutes

SIFF Says:

A tip and a tap, the spin and pirouette, live orchestra melodies ebb and flow with the bodies of the stage performers, thus a dance performance made up of several individual pieces and moving parts comes together as a symbiotic whole. This was “Ballet Now” at the Los Angeles Music Center last summer. Dozens of dancers from ballet, hip-hop, and tap from around the world came together for a weekend-long program, the kind of project typically curated by, well, a curator. Lead dancer Tiler Peck, principal performer of the New York City Ballet, spearheaded the immense project on her own. Steven Cantor’s graceful documentary follows Peck on her journey in this all-encompassing role as director and lead performer.

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Film Credits
Steven Cantor
Tiler Peck
SIFF 2018