Maria by Callas


2018 | 113 minutes | Rated PG

The legendary Greek operatic soprano Maria Callas, known for her brassy timbre as well as her dramatic temperament, comes to life in her own words (and notes) through performances, interviews, letters, and unpublished writings. There's no narration, only glorious footage. Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle writes, "What’s clear and becomes yet more obvious as the film wears on is that Callas gave more than she ever got back—and that, unlike most artists, she knew it at the time. She was painfully aware of living a legendary life even as she was doing it, and she bore witness to the fact that a legendary life isn’t much fun. The least we can do is enjoy the fruits of her sacrifice, her rich and enormous legacy of live and studio recordings. Maria by Callas is a forceful reminder and an invitation to do that."

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Film Credits
Tom Volf
Fanny Ardant