Fight Fam


Northwest Connections | 2019 | 49 minutes

Stranger Says: There isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking or moving about this short, locally produced documentary from Ruben Rodriguez Perez, created in part with funds from a 4Culture award grant. It’s about Amy and Dex Montenegro, the matriarch and patriarch of an Issaquah family, who are both mixed martial arts fighters. It touches on how they met (training at the same gym), how they support each other’s careers, and the three daughters they’re raising and coaching to be the next generation of fighters (two wrestle, one boxes). The competitions in the film create a nice sense of tension and drama while also offering an intriguing glimpse at a segment of the population many of us probably don’t know much about, showing how MMA has grown from cult status into a full-fledged spectator sport. (LEILANI POLK)

SIFF Says: Amy and Dex Montenegro are Washington-based professional MMA fighters who met and married, and now—despite the hardships of their careers—hope to continue the athletic dynasty with their daughters.


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Film Credits
Ruben Rodriguez Perez
Amy Montenegro, Dex Montenegro, Daniel Eng, Will Hammond, Julie Kedzie
SIFF 2019