Patrinell: The Total Experience


Northwest Connections | 2019 | 94 minutes

Stranger Says: With the public primed by Amazing Grace, the documentary about the making of Aretha Franklin’s 1972 gospel album, it’s a propitious time to view Patrinell: The Total Experience. Reverend Patrinell Staten Wright is the closest thing Seattle has to the Queen of Soul (albeit with a heavier emphasis on church life), and this film portrays the septuagenarian gospel/R&B singer’s inspirational story with utmost reverence. A strict disciplinarian, Wright headed the multiracial Total Experience Gospel Choir and impacted hundreds of lives through her spiritual and artistic tutelage. Patrinell reveals a woman who’s battled racism, sexism, gentrification, and health problems to become what one of her protégés called “our Rosa Parks, MLK, and Barack Obama.” (DAVE SEGAL)

SIFF Says: The story of the indefatigable Patrinell Wright and her Total Experience Gospel Choir, an internationally recognized Seattle institution, is told against the backdrop of the Central District’s gentrification and our city’s racial history.


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Film Credits
Andrew Elizaga, Tia Young
Rev. Patrinell Staten Wright, Rev. Gregory Staten, Rev. Dr. Samuel Barry McKinney
SIFF 2019