DJ NicFit Presents Fantastic Planet


Spotlight Screenings | 1973 | 72 minutes

I was really stoned watching the animated French film, Fantastic Planet, for good reason—it’s trippy as fuck and can only be truly appreciated after a bong hit or two. In the distant future, humans are stolen from Earth and taken to the plant Ygam where they are kept as pets to a race of technologically advanced giant blue humanoids called Draags. The film follows a group of rebellious humans attempting to escape from Ygam to the Fantastic Planet where they are safe from the tyranny of these giant blue freaks. The Draags are a little disturbing to look at—their freaky, unblinking red eyes seem like they're beaming right into your soul. And the other creatures that inhabit this world are equally peculiar, coming straight out of the deep recesses of a surrealist subconscious. The score, composed by Alain Goraguer, blends elements of psychedelia, harpsichord, jazz, and wah-wah guitar that adds significantly to the far-out space age dystopia mood of the film. Kick back, spark an L, and put on this fantastic sci-fi film.
The otherworldly animated classic about the small human-like Oms and their much larger blue-skinned oppressors is presented by Seattle's own DJ NicFit, who parallels the film's themes with those of alternative-rock icons The Flaming Lips.

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Film Credits
René Laloux
SIFF 2019