Films4Families | 2019 | 72 minutes

Stranger Says: Named for the earth/fertility goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes, Juan Antin’s César-nominated animated adventure follows two precocious youths and their trusty animal companions from a small Peruvian village at the edge of the vast Incan empire. They embark on a quest to the royal capital (which ends up besieged by Spanish conquerors) to retrieve a sacred statue forcibly taken by an Incan overlord. Antin’s gorgeously wrought 3-D CGI animation is inspired by vibrant indigenous art, and has a soft, simple, and whimsical feel, like a children’s storybook. Paired with a soundtrack that features pre-Columbian music (ancient water flutes included) and themes of love, respect, and gratitude to our earth threaded throughout, Pachamama entertains, charms, and introduces a new culture to younger viewers. The film was acquired by Netflix and will be available for streaming in June. (LEILANI POLK)

SIFF Says: Guided by a condor, two 10-year-olds set out to retrieve a sacred statue from an Incan overlord in this animated adventure tale, inspired by colorful indigenous art, set in the altiplano of Peru.


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Film Credits
Juan Antin
Voices: Alex Harrouch, Colin Bates
SIFF 2019