Roll Red Roll


Documentary Films | 2019 | 80 minutes | Rated NR

Stranger Says: Steubenville, Ohio, is synonymous with two things these days: high-school football and sexual assault. They go hand in hand. There’s a line in Roll Red Roll, Nancy Schwartzman’s documentary about the 2012 Steubenville rape case, that goes something like this: “This is not a victim-blame BUT…” and then the speaker, the defense attorney for one of the high-school boys who raped a teenage girl at a party, predictably goes on to victim-blame her. Rape culture, and the social-media posts that added fuel to the fire, are laid bare in this expertly shot, explicit, and hard-to-watch film. Also, did you know Anonymous, the hacker group, got involved? Me neither. (NATHALIE GRAHAM)

SIFF Says: In this infuriating but necessary documentary, a girl is raped by high-school football players—a crime discovered when they boast about it via texts and Twitter—and the town closes ranks to protect… yep, the players.


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Film Credits
Nancy Schwartzman
SIFF 2019