El Ángel


Contemporary World Cinema | 2018 | 126 minutes

Stranger Says: Serial-killer mania isn’t just happening in the United States. Carlos Robledo Puch, Argentina’s famous baby-faced serial killer, is getting his own strangely sexy biopic, rivaling the slew of films coming out about Washington State’s most famous Republican, Ted Bundy. Known as “The Angel of Death,” Puch—who, at the time of his arrest, looked like a young Leonardo DiCaprio with Shirley Temple curls—was convicted of 11 murders, multiple rapes, and many robberies, among other crimes. Starring the precocious, talented, and charismatic Lorenzo Ferro as Puch, the film is less of a character study and more of a smutty (and pretty gay) romp through Puch’s crimes. Ferro’s confusingly electric chemistry with his costar Chino Darín will make you spend the whole film asking yourself: Are these murderers ever going to fuck? It’s hot, but also people die. (CHASE BURNS)

SIFF Says: Alluring, angelic and completely amoral, baby-faced robber Carlos Robledo Puch, aka “Blondie,” quickly moves from breaking and entering to murder, alongside handsome career criminal Ramón, soon becoming Argentina’s most wanted, feared, and infamous outlaw.


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Film Credits
Luis Ortega
Lorenzo Ferro, Chino Darín, Mercedes Morán, Daniel Fanego, Luis Gnecco
SIFF 2019