Orange Days


Contemporary World Cinema | 2018 | 102 minutes

Stranger Says: This superb Iranian film illuminates the raw reality of Iranian capitalism. And yes, Iran is a capitalist society, and so many of the problems that define this economic system in the US and Europe (class struggle, for example) are also present in this Islamic state. But what makes this feature really great are the performances, the director’s eye for detail, and the effortless rhythm of his blocking (the direction of the movement of the actors during a scene). In this film, which concerns a fruit-picking enterprise and a woman in a man’s world, the camera and the bodies of the actors form, scene by scene, a dance that’s naturally expressed. Those who love the Dardenne brothers will love Orange Days. (CHARLES MUDEDE)

SIFF Says: In northern Iran, an all-female crew in the formerly all-male world of orange farming has more to contend with than sexism.


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Film Credits
Arash Lahooti
Hadieh Tehrani, Ali Mosaffa, Mehran Ahmadi, Alireza Ostadi
SIFF 2019