Documentary Films | 2018 | 74 minutes

Stranger says: We weren’t supposed to see this doc on Yves Saint-Laurent. Filmed in 1998, the recording—suppressed for decades and almost sued into oblivion by Saint-Laurent’s partner, who finally gave his blessing to screen the film shortly before his death in 2015—follows the designer during his final show, and depicts a different man than the one history remembers. Instead of a revered master, he is seen more like Daniel Day-Lewis’s character in Phantom Thread—controlling, tormented. Seattleites recently had a chance to dive into his legendary fashion with Seattle Art Museum’s enormous and reverent Yves Saint-Laurent: The Perfection of Style (2016-2017). SAM’s exhibition, equipped with 100 of the designer’s haute couture garments, was well-attended, and his new local fans may be surprised by Meyrou’s portrayal. (CHASE BURNS)

SIFF says: An opulent and immersive behind-the-scenes look at haute couture designer Yves Saint Laurent’s final show before his death, told through the eyes of longtime business partner Pierre Bergé, which was suppressed for the last two decades.


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Film Credits
Olivier Meyrou
SIFF 2019