Take It or Leave It


Contemporary World Cinema | 2018 | 102 minutes

Stranger Says: This Estonian story follows a man who’s thrust into unexpected fatherhood and his struggle to be seen as a capable parent. Erik is a peripatetic construction worker and an immature hothead. His ex-girlfriend calls unexpectedly to tell him she had a baby, and it’s his. When she says she doesn’t want the baby, he must decide if he will take the baby or give her up for adoption. Affecting without being overly sentimental, the film looks at the role of fathers and society’s expectations of them, learning to care about someone else instead of just yourself, and finding strength you didn’t know you had. (GILLIAN ANDERSON)

SIFF Says: In Estonia's 2019 entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award®, a tough construction worker finds out his ex-girlfriend is pregnant—but, it turns out, she doesn't want to raise the baby and he does.


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Film Credits
Liina Trišhkina-Vanhatalo
Reimo Sagor, Nora Altrov, Emily Viikman, Liis Lass, Adeele Sepp
SIFF 2019