Contemporary World Cinema | 2019 | 93 minutes

Stranger Says: What happens after we die? And, if given the chance to live our lives again, would we make the same choices? Dutch film Afterlife explores these questions with a touch of magic and humor. When 16-year-old Sam is killed in a bike accident, she chooses to spend eternity in the afterlife, reuniting with her dead mother. But when it’s determined that Sam was taken too early from the living, the girl and her mother (with the help of an angel) select the forbidden option—Sam gets to live her entire life again. While I wouldn’t get too caught up in the how of it all, Afterlife is a touching film about family, grief, memory, and death. (JASMYNE KEIMIG)

SIFF Says: Teenaged Sam is the family caretaker after her mother’s death, but when Sam is killed in an accident, she finds her mother waiting in the hereafter and plots to get them both back to the realm of the living in this delightful and meaningful drama.


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Film Credits
Willem Bosch
Sanaa Giwa, Romana Vrede, Gijs Scholten van Asschat, Jan-Paul Buijs, Ria Eimers, Ilse Warringa
SIFF 2019