International Falls


New American Cinema | 2019 | 93 minutes

Stranger Says: International Falls has a similar feel to Fargo—the setting is a small, frozen Minnesota town whose residents are made up of friendly kooks—and its humor is dark, though the morbid plot device doesn’t happen until the film is almost over. Rachael Harris is radiant and perfectly cast as the subtly funny Dee, a middle-aged wife and mother stuck in a tedious job and a marriage that has obviously gone past its expiration date. Rob Huebel is Tim, a depressed comedian who comes to International Falls to perform his admittedly not-very-good stand-up at Dee’s hotel. It’s ostensibly about two people who use each other—and comedy—to deal with real-life shit. But it’s also about the momentary comfort we find in strangers, how deeply you can get to know someone in a brief period while never really knowing them at all, and how a person can completely change your life without ever really being a part of it. It will leave you feeling both sad and supremely satisfied. (LEILANI POLK)

SIFF Says: Comedy icons Rachael Harris and Rob Huebel star as a lonely local housewife and a burned-out stand-up comedian who make unlikely friends in a snowbound town along the Minnesota-Ontario border.


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Film Credits
Amber McGinnis
Rachael Harris, Rob Huebel, Matthew Glave, Kevin Nealon, Erik Griffin
SIFF 2019