MEMORY - The Origins of Alien


Documentary Films | 2019 | 93 minutes

Ridley Scott's 1979 sci/fi-horror classic gave us two indelible icons: the hypercompetent blue-collar badass Ellen Ripley and the ever-morphing phallic monster xenomorph. Alexandre O. Philippe's documentaries delve into the film's cultural background, from EC Comics to H.P. Lovecraft to screenwriter Dan O'Bannon's own medical problems, not to mention production designer H.R. Giger's phantasmagorical artwork. This film will reveal never-before-seen materials from O'Bannon and Giger's collections, which should tickle horror fans no end. More than a standard making-of doc, this film explores the cultural forces that led to the creation of ALIEN and its far-reaching impact since its world premiere at SIFF 1979.

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Film Credits
Alexandre O. Philippe
SIFF 2019