Documentary Films | 2018 | 84 minutes

Stranger Says: You've probably seen Colombian artist Fernando Botero's work. His style is easily recognizable. The forms are rotund, nearly bursting with flesh and dimension. The artist draws from and riffs on styles and theories from the Renaissance era of painting. Throughout his career, he has routinely copied—and satirized—masterpieces of Western art from Leonardo da Vinci to Jan van Eyck. Botero, a documentary about the artist directed by Don Millar, is described as a "poetic documentary profile" in the press release. I went in expecting disembodied voice-overs, flickering images, readings from Botero's diary, and sensuous shots of his paintings and sculptures. I came out with the realization that "poetic" meant a hazy sense of time, fact, and objectivity. But the film lacks the nuance of a great profile documentary and seems more like a film that plays in the back gallery in a Botero museum.(JASMYNE KEIMIG)

SIFF Says: With a passion for art and life as expansive as the physiognomies of the human figures in his works, Colombian Fernando Botero became possibly the world's most famous living painter.


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Don Millar
SIFF 2019