The Sitter

100 min. minutes | Rated R

Even if you’ve never seen the trailer, you can guess The Sitter’s plot: It’s Adventures in Babysitting, starring (a pre-diet) Jonah Hill. Through a wacky series of events, he’s entrusted with the safety of three wacky kids for a night. Due to his rampant horniness—ka-BOING! goeth the boner—he has to take the kids out on the town to procure some cocaine for the emotionally distant hot girl he dreams of banging. Hollywood product doesn’t get much more formulaic than The Sitter, but, thanks to one glowing minute of weird (Sam Rockwell as a villainous, rock-dumb coke dealer), it’s not The Worst Sex Comedy Ever. Just, you know, one of them. (PAUL CONSTANT)

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Film Credits
David Gordon Green
Sam Rockwell, Jonah Hill, Ari Graynor, Miriam McDonald, Erin Daniels, Method Man, Max Records, Dreama Walker, J.B. Smoove, D.W. Moffett