Punishment Park

It's the early 1970s, and the war in Vietnam has split the country into two camps: old America and young America. Old America is defined by moms, pops, and cops; young America is defined by white male intellectuals, black male revolutionaries, and white female feminists. The government, run by Nixon, has granted old America the power to punish and discipline young America. Urban young people are arrested, placed onto military trucks, transported to the desert, and tried by the white moms and pops of America. Every trial ends with a guilty verdict and a mysterious offer: The guilty person spends either years in prison or days in Punishment Park. All opt for Punishment Park, which turns out to be a deadly desert game of hunters and hunted. The hunters are not soldiers but armed cops (yes, pigs!). The cops even chase the youth in cop cars! And they mercilessly gun them down! And all of this fiction is made to look like a documentary.


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