The Fall


117 min. minutes | Rated R

From Tarsem Singh (The Cell), this inspired children’s fable—framed in 1920s Hollywood—involves broken hearts, masked heroes, and a sinister villain named “Governor Odious.” Every frame of the film is drenched in beauty, and even as the story eventually frays into near nonsense, the sheer imagination on display never fails to hold your attention. Though the film is ultimately a bit of a failure, it’s one of the most gorgeous, and audacious, failures you’ll ever see. And see it you definitely should.


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Film Credits
Tarsem Singh
Lee Pace, Justine Waddell, Catinca Untaru, Kim Uylenbroek, Aiden Lithgow, Sean Gilder, Ronald France, Andrew Roussouw, Michael Huff, Grant Swanby