Stealing America: Vote by Vote

90 min. minutes | Rated NR

Dorothy Fadiman's documentary is exactly what you fear it is: A boringly thorough point-by-point investigation of the various scandals surrounding the 2004 presidential election, and before the film is over, your blood will be boiling. So why am I recommending you spend 90 minutes of your life watching a boringly thorough movie that makes you murderously furious? Because you’ll see amazing real-life shit that you can't fucking believe you're watching. Such amazing shit is on parade for the duration of Stealing America, and the plain-spoken, patient presentation of the material is crucial, allowing the film's dozen or so horrifying revelations—offered by a carefully bipartisan cast of commenters—to land with a weight beyond the scope of a Michael Moore rant.


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Film Credits
Dorothy Fadiman
Peter Coyote,