88 min. minutes | Rated R

Tyson—a 90-minute documentary about Mike Tyson—is not at all what you'd expect from a first-person sports narrative (it's really just one long interview with the boxer, supplemented with old photos and fight footage). There's no grandstanding or blowhard pomposity or hollow equivocation about why the champ eventually fell. It just is what it is: a sad, guileless, freakishly candid story told by a gigantic child who could kill you with his hands. IT IS AMAZING. Tyson is not a fully functioning adult; he's a bewildered, mentally ill drug addict with no impulse control who got punched in the head every day for 20 years. What makes the film work is that he admits it all without self-pity and asks for no forgiveness. "I'm sorry I let everybody down" has to be the saddest sentence in the English language.


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Film Credits
James Toback
Mike Tyson