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Back to Burgundy

U.S. Premiere | France | 2017 | 114m | Cédric Klapisch
In Cédric Klapisch's (L'Auberge Espagnole) film, a man named Jean and his two siblings return home to the family vineyard, just before harvest season, where their father is on his deathbed. As a family, they revisit childhood memories and try...


France | 2016 | 108m | Karim Dridi
Karim Dridi's crime thriller follows Sofiane, who abandons his studious college life after after his drug-dealing brother is killed in the streets of Marseille. When he joins his brother's gang in order to track down the killer, he "finds himself...


France | 2016 | 124m | Lisa Azuelos
In Lisa Azuelos' biopic, French model-turned-actress Sveva Alviti plays Dalida, an Egyptian-French-Italian singer and actress. The film explores the rapid progression from Dalida's troubled childhood in Cairo to her international celebrity in the 1960s.


France | 2017 | 117m | Étienne Comar
This biopic profiles jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt (played by Reda Kateb), who, in German-occupied Paris, played an inventive style of "hot" jazz. When he refuses to change his musical style and goes on tour in Germany despite intimidations from Nazis,...

The Eavesdropper

France | 2016 | 88m | Thomas Kruithof

Faces Places

France | 2017 | 90m | Agnès Varda

False Confessions

France | 2016 | 87m | Luc Bondy
Luc Bondy mixes theater and film in his modern-day take on Marivaux's comedy of errors. In the film, the widow Araminte's (Isabelle Huppert) accountant (Louis Garrel) teams up with her servant (Yves Jacques) to trick her into falling in love...


Belgium | France | Senegal | 2017 | 123m | Alain Gomis

Foreign Body

France | Tunisia | 2016 | 92m | Raja Amari

Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge

France | 2017 | 100m | Marie Noëlle
Marie Noëlle's portrait of Marie Curie explores the most turbulent years of the Nobel Prize-winning chemist and physicist in turn-of-the-century Europe, highlighting Curie's "struggles to challenge conventions in both France's male-dominated academic establishment and in her romantic life."

My Journey Through French Cinema

France | 2016 | 190m | Bertrand Tavernier
Stranger Says: For fans of Martin Scorsese’s essays on the cinematic histories of both America and Italy comes this like-minded clipfest by longtime SIFF fave Bertrand Tavernier (best known for Round Midnight, Coup de Torchon, and L.627). Footage from an...


Canada (Québec) | 2016 | 101m | Anne Émond
Anne Émond's biopic profiles Canadian writer and professional escort Nelly Arcan, who achieved celebrity in Quebec and France after the release of her first novel, Putain. The film uses Arcan's fictional characters, as well as Arcan's own "multiple, real-life personas"...

Open at Night

France | 2016 | 96m | Edouard Baer


U.S. Premiere | France | 2016 | 111m | Arnaud des Pallieres

Paris la Blanche

France | Qatar | 2016 | 83m | Lidia Terki


Belgium | France | Luxembourg | 2016 | 90m | Bavo Defurne


France | 2017 | 93m | Guilhem Amesland


Belgium | Croatia | Netherlands | 2016 | 88m | Marion Hänsel


France | 2017 | 84m | Berni Goldblat