Local Sightings 2017 Films

6 Dynamic Laws for Success in Life, Love & Money

2017 | 92m | Gregory Bayne
In Gregory Bayne's film, an ex-used car salesman tries to track down a stash of 2.4 million dollars after discovering a book left behind from an unsuccessful robbery disclosing its encrypted location. Along the way, he makes some enemies who ...

Amalgamate and Create

This collection explores "stories of individuals drawn together and the communities they build," with short films like Luke Sieczek and Rod Huntress' We Are All Here Together, about the Seattle Womxn's March in January, and Long Tran's Vast Minority, in ...


11m | Steven Schardt


13m | Megan Brotherton

Buzz One Four

59m | Matt McCormick
Matt McCormick's documentary investigates the crash of a B-52 Bomber carrying thermonuclear weapons that left three crew members dead in 1964. While many details of the crash remain classified, McCormick shares the insight he's gained from his grandfather, who was ...

Celestial Connections

Documentaries that explore the impact that individuals have on the world and each other are the focus of this collection, from Will Green's Growing Earth, in which Seattle University scholars discuss our alienated relationship with our planet, to Kate Green's ...

Clear and Sweet 360º

An excerpt of zoe | juniper's (aka Zoe Scofield, Juniper Shuey) On the Boards performance, Clear and Sweet, will be presented in VR. Panelists include Steven Schardt, Lacey Leavitt, Kim Voynar, Daryle Conners, Laura James, Tifa Tomb, Tracy Rector, Aaron ...

Constant Space

World Premiere | 71m | Emmett Fifield
22-year-old Emmett Fifield's debut feature film, set in the distant future, centers around a spaceship crew searching for natural resources in uncharted galaxies. After an experiment goes awry and leaves one of the crew members on another planet occupied by ...

Danger Diva

2017 | 105m | Robert McGinley
It’s hard to imagine a better futuristic, Seattle-set whatsit than Alan Rudolph’s Trouble in Mind, where Divine played a heavy and Seattle played Rain City. If Danger Diva isn’t quite on that level, Robert McGinley’s sci-fi musical is a zippier ...

Dyna Does Dressage

2017 | 59m | Sarah Crowe
Sarah Crowe's documentary follows a mule named Dyna and her trainer, Laura, as they prepare for the National Dressage Championship—a competition traditionally reserved for horses. The film will screen with L. Gabriel Gonda'a Iron, a short film set in the ...

F. Setsuko

World Premiere | 40m | JP. Schmidt
Filmmaker, producer, photographer, and writer JP. Schmidt's window monitor installation of Setsuko Hara "digitized, pixelated, amplified, and deconstructed" will be presented throughout the festival.

Fake Mercy

World Premiere | 3m | Cory Mcabee
Watch a VR music video of writer, director, singer, and songwriter Cory McAbee's song "Fake Mercy."

Found Object

13m | Joseph Eusebio

Gems of the Web

This collection highlights "sweet and funny shorts" from the internet.

Grubstake Remix

U.S. Premiere | 70m
In Daniel Janke's adaptation of the 1923 silent film The Grubstake, a Northwoods melodrama written, produced by, and starring Nell Shipman, the actors and musicians perform live with the original film in "a redux where the characters are speaking and ...

Here Not There

15m | Julia Hutchings
In Julia Hutchings' short film, an actor is hired to play a crucial role in a mysterious family drama.

Hurtling Through Space

These shorts explore the ways in which movement in film can reflect the human experience, from modern dance in A Rendering to rhythmic, primal movement in Chelsea Smith's Harem.

Indigenous Showcase: Sandra Osawa Retrospective

90m | Sandra Osawa
Join Makah filmaker and poet Sandra Osawa in a retrospective showcase of her work, including Goin' Back, a short inspired by Floyd Western's song of the same name, Bentwood Box, a short film illustrating the creation of a carved wooden ...


21m | Charles Mudede

Kinetic Kinships

This collection of short films explores relationships between people "in all their dynamism," from a transformative dinner party conversation in Sandra Lince's A Matter of Prejudice to an encounter between a young man and a elusive, gleaming figure in Joseph ...

The Life of Flowers

U.S. Premiere | Bosnia-Herzegovina | 85m | Jimmy Bontatibus
In Jimmy Bontatibus' film, a young woman in Sarajevo falls for an American exchange student named Dallas. When Dallas is faced with deportation, the two visit embassies and foreign offices to try and find a solution.

A Matter of Prejudice

24m | Sandra Lince
In Sandra Lince's short, an elderly woman's conservative views are challenged by a guest at her grandson’s birthday party.


12m | Daniela Repas
Portland's Daniela Repas offers a "ritualistic unpacking of animations" in this short that explores the life and culture of a Bosnian refugee.

Natural Experiments

Ruminations on natural and manmade environments are the focus of this short film collection.

No Man's Land

2017 | 82m | David Byars
David Byars' debut documentary follows armed protestors' 41-day occupation of Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016 The film offers a detailed account of the impasse that left one man dead and led to arrest and acquittal of the occupation ...

North American

65m | Robinson Devor
Shot in Seattle, Robinson Devor and Charles Mudede's film installation follows a psychologically-exhausted airplane pilot as he wanders for two days through a seemingly-endless public park across the street from the hotel in which he's supposed to be confined under ...

Northwest Intensity

This collection features several world premiers of short films that don't shy away from darkness in style or subject matter.


USA | 2017 | 67m | Webster Crowell
Stranger Says: This locally produced serial by Stranger Genius Award winner Webster Crowell has been in the works for a few years, and it shows. Handcrafted animation and excellent comedy (courtesy of a retinue of Seattle’s finest stage and ...

Safe Passage

9m | Tom Conquergood
Tom Conquergood's short follows queer protagonists who navigate a fascist future and try to escape with the help of a time traveller.

Searching Skies

8m | Vivian Hua
Vivian Hua's

Semi-Iconic: The Ballad of Dick Rossetti

89m | Isaac Olsen
Isaac Olsen's documentary profiles Dick Rossetti, an almost-famous music lover who turned to a career as a radio host for Seattle's 107.7 "The End" after the dissolution of his alt-rock band, Squirt. The film will screen with Benjamin Camp's Ed ...

Springtime for Thomas

World Premiere | 10m | Titus Richard

Three Days Drowning

2017 | 84m | Mark Andres
In Mark Andres' graphic novel-esque film, a wealthy couple hires an artist to paint their portrait. Over the span of three days, the artist is pulled "into a world of betrayal and self-doubt" as he learns more about them. The ...

Walking Out

2017 | 95m | Alex Smith
In brothers Alex and Andrew Smith's new film, a teenager from the city takes his annual trip to rural Montana, where he expects to spend some casual bonding time with his reclusive grandfather on a hunting trip. But when a ...

The Watchman's Canoe

2017 | 102m | Barri Chase
In Barri Chase's film, a girl named Jett, of mixed indigenous and caucasian descent, struggles to fit in at school and at home. After meeting her neighbor and tribal watchman Uncle Ralph, she's led on a challenging spiritual journey that ...

Wild Days and Squalid Nights

These shorts are just as dirty as they are fun, featuring stories like Carlos A.F. Lopez's Ghosting the Party, about three gals at a Halloween party who have a lustful encounter with a ghost, to Tristan Seniuk and Voleak Sip's ...

Zilla and Zoe

World Premiere | 2016 | 84m | Jessica Scalise
In Jessica Scalise's film, a ten-year-old girl named Zoe is obsessed with making DIY horror flicks. Her father disapproves of her adamant love of gore, demanding that she abandon her project to win an upcoming horror contest and instead shift ...