Seattle Latino Film Festival 2016 Films

6 Short Films from Madrid Film School

Spain | 2016 | 120m
The students of the prestigious school ECAM show off their range of subjects and genres.

Amor Cuesta Arriba

Venezuela | 2015 | 85m | Nelson Nuñez
A young man breaks his rigid, lonely routine to win the heart of an old classmate who now works as a prostitute.

Andrea y Lorenzo

Puerto Rico | 2015 | 114m | Rolando D’Lugo
A frustrated young journalist has a fling with a rock star that opens up new perspectives on love. Screens with "Las Cuatro Esquinas del Circulo," a German film inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Chicago Boys

Chile | 2015 | 85m | Carola Fuentes
A group of Chilean students returned from University of Chicago full of energy and Milton Friedman's neoliberal ideas. The consequences for Chile would be enormous and tragic. The filmmakers have obtained remarkable interviews with the "Chicago Boys" to tell this ...

El Apóstata / The Apostate

France | Spain | Uruguay | 2015 | 80m | Federico Veiroj
A young man attempts to be declared officially apostatized from the Catholic Church, but his local priest and his mother have other ideas. Followed by Closing Night Ceremonies.

El Cuarto de Los Huesos / The Room Of Bones

El Salvador | 2015 | 61m | Marcela Zamaro
Four mothers search for the remains of their children, desaparecidos in the civil violence that has plagued El Salvador for decades. Follow forensic anthropologists and families of the deceased in this devastating documentary.

El Siglo de Joaquin Rodrigo / The Century of Joaquin Rodrigo

Spain | 2002 | 60m | Vicente Taramit
This film takes you through the life of the Valencian Joaquin Rodrigo, one of the great twentieth-century composers. Click here for the trailer.

La Distancia Mas Larga / The Longest Distance

Spain | Venezuela | 2014 | 113m | Claudia Pinto
A boy runs away from home hoping to find his grandmother, who has disappeared into the wild lands of the Gran Sabana. This multi-award-winning film reveals Venezuela in all its beauty and devastation. Carme Elias (of the Almodóvar film The ...

Lo Que Nunca Los Dijimos / What We Never Said

Argentina | Mexico | 2015 | 98m | Sebastian Sanchez Amunategui
A lesbian woman returns home to her dying father and difficult mother in Mendoza, Argentina. Screens with the short documentary "O Barbeiro Guitarrista/The Barber Guitarist."

Mi Amiga Del Parque

Argentina | Uruguay | 2015 | 86m | Ana Katz
An exhausted mother makes a helpful friend in the park who may have more sinister motives than first appear.


Panama | 2016 | 90m | Ricardo Aguilar Navarro
A young man returns from the USA to his homeland, Panama, where he meets his estranged father, a former boxer who had spent his son's childhood in prison.

Tus Padres Volverán

Uruguay | 2015 | 80m | Pablo Martinez Pessi
In 1983, 154 Uruguayan children of political dissidents returned to their homeland to learn about their own identities. This documentary tells the stories of six of them and the momentous political and personal implications of their trip.