SIFF 2012 Films

11 Flowers

China | France | 114 minm | Wang Xiaoshuai
An 11-year-old Chinese boy’s quest for a new school uniform lands him in the path of a fleeing murderer in this semiautobiographical drama set during the tail end of Mao’s reign. Writer/director Wang Xiaoshuai creates a winningly loose rapport between ...

170 Hz

U.S. Premiere | Netherlands | 86 minm | Joost van Ginkel
Nick is a rebel with the inclination to piss on his father’s expensive cars. Evy is the daughter of well-off parents who don’t want their young daughter dating a boy who makes jerk-off motions during their first meeting. But despite ...

3 Minute Masterpieces

USA | 60 minm | Various
These are the 11 semifinalists in this year’s Three Minute Masterpiece filmmaking competition (presented by SIFF and the Seattle Times). They’ll be announcing the people’s choice winner as well as the grand-prize winner at the screening on May 19.

38 Witnesses

Belgium | France | 104 minm | Lucas Belvaux
Seemingly normal, upstanding citizens all claim not to have heard the brutal stabbing death of a woman on the street in front of their apartment building in the middle of the night in this French psychological thriller. It’s immediately obvious ...

4 Days in May

U.S. Premiere | Germany | Russia | Ukraine | 97 minm | Achim von Borries
It’s a good true story, recently discovered in the Russian files—in the final hours of World War II, Russian and German forces joined to protect women and children at a German orphanage against Russian Army thugs. But it’s also an ...


World Premiere | South Africa | USA | 95 minm | Ned Thorne
An actor and his friends decide to take revenge on some South African internet-scammers in this faux-documentary that follows the Americans in their travels to Cape Town in search of meatspace justice.

The 5,000 Days Project: TWO BROTHERS

USA | 95 minm | Rick Stevenson
This is just one installment of the 5,000 Days Project, which is “a time capsule for children 8-18, made up of annual interviews and video footage.” In Two Brothers, the filmmakers follow Sam and Luke, brothers growing up in a ...

6 Points About Emma

U.S. Premiere | Spain | 90 minm | Roberto Pérez Toledo
Who says a beautiful blind woman and a strapping seeing man can’t take equal sexual advantage of each other? This deft romantic drama feels like a song by the The—searing and wry at the same time. Our gorgeous, slightly sarcastic, ...

Abu, Son of Adam

India | 101 minm | Salim Ahamed
Abu and Aisu are devout Muslims who live a simple, small-town life. Abu has an old-timey job where he travels to events and sells essential oils and religious books. They book themselves on a hajj tour they can’t really afford ...

All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

United Kingdom | 180 minm | Adam Curtis
Originally presented as a BBC miniseries about technology, Loving Grace examines the parallell rise of personal computers and rampant self-interest. If you see only one three-hour documentary at SIFF, maybe you should make it this one.

Alois Nebel

Czech Republic | Germany | 84 minm | Tomás Lunák
For its first half hour, this noirish animated film transports you into a gorgeously rotoscoped world of black-and-white loneliness and disconnection. Its melancholic visuals are stark and arresting, like elaborate woodcuts come to life. But as the story of a ...

ALT Short Masters: Bruce Conner and Abigail Child

USA | 71 minm | Abigail Child
A collection of classic avant-garde shorts, all of which sound great: music videos for David Byrne and Brian Eno, Ray Charles singing the soundtrack to a Mickey Mouse sex-and-war-athon, a love letter to San Francisco, and a look at the ...

ALT Shorts: Beyond Narrative

Austria | USA | 86 minm | Various
As the title of this film package suggests, this is a collection of shorts that showcase a more experimental side of filmmaking. And judging by some of the stills from shorts like Aornos, Sandland: Summer’s Kiss, and Conference: Notes on ...

American Addict

World Premiere | USA | 92 minm | Sasha Knezev
Sasha Knezev's documentary opens with the startling fact that the United States comprises 5 percent of the world’s population but consumes 80 percent of its pharmaceutical narcotics, then strives to explain how and why and what to do about it.

Animations for Adults

Belgium | Canada | Estonia | Japan | New Zealand | Switzerland | USA | 83 minm | Various
Nearly a dozen animated shorts just for adults! The collection includes a four-minute look at fair rides, some kind of mechanical bug transforming thanks to a desolate planet, and “moldy food vs. fresh food,” so maybe don’t plan on eating ...

The Art of Love

France | 85 minm | Emmanuel Mouret
Man, the French sure are suuuper crazy about love and sex stuff! This series of short intertwined vignettes follows the love and sex lives of women who look like the sexiest best-dressed deer people and men who run their hands ...

As Luck Would Have It

Spain | 98 minm | Alex de la Iglesia
The director of last SIFF’s beloved The Last Circus returns with something a bit quieter: A down-on-his-luck ad man winds up with a steel bar driven into the back of his skull and becomes an instant celebrity because of his ...

Bad Brains: A Band in DC

United Kingdom | USA | 104 minm | Mandy Stein
How does a jazz fusion band turn into one of the most influential punk bands in the world? This documentary endeavors, with the help of animated sequences and commentary from punk royalty (Henry Rollins, the late Adam Yauch), to tell ...


USA | 95 minm | Terrence Malick
The Terrence Malick film for people who think they don't like Terrence Malick films, 1973's Badlands finds the Great Exasperator in veritable crowd-pleasing mode. With simple visual poetry, Malick lays out the tale of a pair of young lovers—tough-guy Martin ...

The Beautiful Game

World Premiere | Ghana | South Africa | United Kingdom | USA | 88 minm | Victor Buhler
Soccer—which less-civilized nations call “football”—is the topic of a documentary that looks at six young soccer players from six very different African nations. The soccer in these portraits ranges from street-based pickup games to the World Cup.

Best Intentions

Hungary | Romania | 105 minm | Adrian Sitaru
Forget the vampires—Romanian hospitals are fucked. The buildings themselves are bleak hell holes full of flies and doctors that pant like Death’s lapdogs and prescribe mysterious pink pills to treat every ailment. Here, a know-it-all son fights to move his ...

A Better Life

Canada | France | 118 minm | Cédric Kahn
This French movie has two parts: a chef, his girlfriend, and her son are fine; then poverty makes them very much not fine. Variety says there’s “nary a single unconvincing moment.” NARY ONE. So.

Beware of Mr. Baker

USA | 92 minm | Jay Bulger
Best known as the revolutionarily skilled drummer for archetypal psych-blues power trio Cream, Ginger Baker may be the most toxically nasty musician ever. A demonic tornado behind the kit who was the only Caucasian to infiltrate Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti’s ...

The Blindfold

U.S. Premiere | Indonesia | 90 minm | Garin Nugroho
As a reward for working on this tense drama (based on real research) about Islamic extremism in Indonesia, the filmmaker was put under surveillance. He had to make his movie on a tiny budget, in nine days, using almost all ...


Pakistan | 165 minm | Shoaib Mansoor
This thing sounds badass: An almost three-hour, “taboo-tackling” epic about a gaggle of sisters and a hermaphroditic son living under the thumb of (or straining against) a strict Muslim fundamentalist father in Pakistan. Involving a pop star playing a neighbor!


Chile | 92 minm | Cristián Jiménez
There is nothing wrong with this film. It’s smart, has sex and kissing sequences that make the heart feel all warm and happy inside, actors with interesting faces and body language, and lots of rocking Chilean punk and rock music. ...


Austria | 93 minm | Karl Markovics
Your heart goes out to Roman Kogler, a lonely, troubled 19-year-old living in a juvenile detention center. He has no family to speak of, and his only chance of escaping lockdown is by holding down a job. Unfortunately, he’s also ...

The British Guide to Showing Off

United Kingdom | 90 minm | Jes Benstock
This delightful documentary follows Andrew Logan and his work with the Alternative Miss World contest, an event where Logan gives folks the opportunity to transform their lives/sexualities/genders through art. Interviews, pictures, and video clips are matched with brilliant cartoons, paper ...

Bull Runners of Pamplona

Spain | United Kingdom | 74 minm | Aubrey Powell
Even if you’re not a macho writer with a death wish, it’s impossible to not be entranced on some level by Bull Runners of Pamplona. The British documentary features plenty of slow-motion footage of bulls—muscular, shadowy, seemingly unstoppable—chasing after people ...

Bunohan: Return To Murder

Malaysia | 97 minm | Dain Said
This is probably my fault, but I got really excited when I saw Bunohan was a Malaysian kickboxing movie trumpeted as a loose retelling of King Lear. And I was let down to discover that it’s filled with talk. A ...

Camilla Dickinson

World Premiere | USA | 117 minm | Cornelia Duryée Moore
A New York teen with a passion for astronomy (Adelaide Clemens) finds her privileged universe in danger of collapsing, both by the impending breakup of her parents and the romantic interest of an older boy with a dark past. Based ...


Turkey | 106 minm | Rasit Çelikezer
You can’t be a real man unless your spunk is viable—at least in modern-day Turkey. When factory worker Cemal finds out he’s sterile, he and his restaurant-server wife Ayse, desperate to start a family, decide to “adopt,” but then go ...


USA | 98 minm | Brian De Palma
From its ridiculously lascivious opening shot (a slow-motion tour through a girls' locker room) to its almost-slapstick shock of an ending, the film adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie is a trashy teen horror flick lit up with brilliant elements that ...

Castles in the Sky: Miyazaki, Takahata, and the Masters of Studio Ghibli: Only Yesterday

Japan | 118 minm | Isao Takahata
A 1991 anime by Isao Takahata, Only Yesterday follows a twentysomething woman on a trip to the country that triggers crucial memories of her childhood and makes her reassess her life.

The Central Park Effect

USA | 76 minm | Jeffrey Kimball
An hour-long documentary about birdwatching in Central Park? Um, okay. But why? Sure, the birdwatchers are affably nerdy interviewees. And Jonathan Franzen pontificates as only Jonathan Franzen can about the glories of birdwatching. But,’s an hour -ong documentary about ...


U.S. Premiere | Russia | 207 minm | Sergey Loban
You may need to get stoned first, but look—this is a three-hour-plus Russian musical comedy (song-and-dance numbers!) and it involves parodies of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury. Yeah.

Charles Bradley: Soul of America

USA | 75 minm | Poull Brien
Tight, tough-life doc about a 62-year-old James Brown impersonator who finds himself successful after all. His mother, who once abandoned him, is still eking it out in Brooklyn, where his brother was shot. When he opens for Sharon Jones, he ...

The Chase

USA | 86 minm | Arthur Ripley
Arthur Ripley’s 1946 noir classic involving gangsters, chauffeurs, suicidal blondes, murders, twists, and Peter Lorre.

A Checkout Girl’s Big Adventures

U.S. Premiere | France | 102 minm | Pierre Rambaldi
This romantic fable from France follows the life of a grocery store clerk whose anonymous blog about how crappy life is as a grocery store clerk sparks a revolution.

The Chef

U.S. Premiere | France | 85 minm | Daniel Cohen
Pixar’s Ratatouille without the rats.


South Korea | 110 minm | Kim Joon-hyun
A dotty woman’s investment in a get-rich-quick vitamin scheme becomes significantly less endearing when she vanishes, leaving her son and friend responsible for the bill. Debuting director Kim Joong-hyun’s look at the current dire straits of Korea’s recession approaches toxic ...

¡Cinema Fantastico!

Spain | 87 minm | Various
The only thing these shorts have in common is that they all come from Spain. Beyond that, there’s a little bit of everything, from a comedy about soccer (sorry—fútbol), a thriller about an 8-year-old boy who must choose between good ...

City World

World Premiere | USA | 81 minm | Brent Chesanek
Orlando, Florida, is a city built on the fantasy playlands of people’s imaginations. This documentary focuses on those built environments, as well as the undeveloped marshlands people failed to conquer. Narrated by a young boy who explains the history and ...


Canada | 93 minm | Thom Fitzgerald
The 31-year-partnership of two geriatric lesbians—Dottie the Blind and Stella the Bitch—is jeopardized when Dottie’s granddaughter commits her, against her will, to long-term care. Stella plans a jailbreak and together they flee to Canada to get gay married, picking up ...

Coal Miner’s Daughter

USA | 125 min | Michael Apted
Don't dismiss Michael Apted's Coal Miner's Daughter as just another color-by-numbers biopic—it's a great American film that happens to recount the life story of singer/songwriter/country music superstar Loretta Lynn. Sissy Spacek won an Oscar for her work, which included singing ...

Coming Home

U.S. Premiere | France | 91 minm | Frédéric Videau
A renewed appreciation that your life is not worse is the reason to watch this French movie, which is harrowing and skillfully made. It’s the story of a girl kidnapped for several years, told in fractured time, beginning with her ...

The Convoy

U.S. Premiere | Russia | 81 minm | Alexey Mizgirev
Russians tracking Russians is the theme of this crime drama, in which a police captain is ordered to find some missing money and to bring back a deserter for trial in military court—only to be sidetracked by the antics of ...

Coteau Rouge

U.S. Premiere | Canada | 86 minm | André Forcier
The Blanchard family will make your own seem blissfully functional. Father and son bond by disposing of bodies together, while mother and daughter bond over false pregnancies in this absurdist coming-of-age story.


U.S. Premiere | South Korea | 120 minm | Huh Jong-ho
Tae Gun-ho has 10 days to live before his liver fails. In this thriller, he races to track down the recipients of his dead son’s organs—who, he reasons, owe him a favor—to convince one of them to share their liver ...


Spain | 98 minm | Daniel Sánchez Arévalo
Life is short and good comedies are rare. If a Judd Apatow movie were set in Europe (where men are just that much more sophisticated and dress better) and crossed with A Fish Called Wanda, it would be Cousinhood. This ...

Cracks in the Shell

Germany | 113 minm | Christian Schwochow
A virginal wallflower of a drama student (Stine Fischer Christensen) gets an unexpected shot at the big time when she lands the title role in a no-holds-barred production of Camille. As her alpha-male director begins to put her through her ...

The Crown Jewels

U.S. Premiere | Denmark | Sweden | 120 minm | Ella Lemhagen
The poorly written and directed movie begins with a young woman killing a young man. She is arrested, taken to the police station, and interrogated: Why did she kill the young man? It turns out to be a very long ...

Crulic - The Path to Beyond

Poland | Romania | 73 minm | Anca Damian
Thirty-three-year-old Claudiu Crulic was left to rot in a Polish prison after allegedly stealing a judge’s wallet. This animated documentary depicts the weeks and months Crulic passed in bureaucratic hell as he waited for his groundless case to come to ...

A Cube of Sugar

Iran | 110 minm | Reza Mirkarimi
A big middle-class family gathers to celebrate a wedding, with three generations under the same roof bringing two days of reminiscing, relationship drama, cooking, kids romping, and family stories. The film is beautifully shot and very enjoyable, and the intimate ...


Poland | 102 minm | Adrian Panek
Based on true events, this ambitious costume drama tells the tale of Jakob Frank, an 18th-century Jewish merchant who declared himself messiah. While the Austrian government struggles to deal with his growing popularity and rumored mystical powers, a former acolyte ...

The Details

USA | 91 minm | Jacob Aaron Estes
In a nod to every tired trope about Seattle, Tobey Maguire plays an unlikable, Prius-driving obstetrician who spends his weekends sniping with his equally-unlikable wife and railing against raccoons. In other words, a film about the hardships of being an ...

Diaz - Don’t Clean Up This Blood

U.S. Premiere | France | Italy | Romania | 127 minm | Daniele Vicari
Both earnest and overwrought, this sprawling multinational biopic recounts the tragedy of Genoa’s 2001 G8 Summit, when a fed-up police force famously unleashed its aggravations on a school full of nonviolent protesters. While the time-jumping narrative holds few surprises, the ...


Hong Kong | 98 minm | Peter Ho-Sun Chan
A remote village papermaker kills two outlaws with his hands and feet and is lauded as a hero. But the fuzz smells something fishy about his karate chop. We smell a fight.

Dragon Pearl

U.S. Premiere | Australia | 95 minm | Mario Andreacchio
This joint Australian-Chinese production is a family-friendly (that is, if your family is full of terrible people) adventure movie about a pair of kids who discover a computer-animated magical dragon that looks like it was ripped wholesale from a TV ...

Dreams of a Life

Ireland | United Kingdom | 91 minm | Carol Morley
A "dramatized documentary" about Joyce Carol Vincent, who died wrapping Christmas gifts and watching television but wasn't discovered until three years later, with her TV still on. This is why you should always have a cat. At least a cat ...

Duck Beach to Eternity

World Premiere | Italy | USA | 82 minm | Stephen Frandsen
Every year, a bunch of single Mormons go to Duck Beach, North Carolina, and party with no alcohol and nobody gets laid. This documentary is about that.


World Premiere | Ireland | 90 minm | Alan Brennan
Believing that he’s the last survivor from a distant planet, an Irish comic book clerk spends his days cobbling together ray guns and looking to the stars. Everything changes, however, when a pixyish dream girl comes in looking to sell ...

Easton's Article

World Premiere | USA | 100 minm | Tim Connery
Computer programmer Easton Denning has been studying a series of tubes that carry information since the internet's infancy. One day in 1997, he finds his prewritten obituary in one of the tubes and must set about proving it false BEFORE ...

Either Way

Iceland | 85 minm | Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson
Two road workers paint yellow lines on desolate Icelandic highways that seemingly nobody ever travels. Sometimes they talk. Sometimes they don’t. It’s occasionally funny and often very slow. What starts as a kind of Waiting for Godot wasteland comedy turns ...

El Gusto: The Good Mood

Algeria | France | Ireland | United Arab Emirates | 88 minm | Safinez Bousbia
Everyone’s right: El Gusto: The Good Mood is the Algerian Buena Vista Social Club. Irish-Algerian director Bousbia painstakingly arranged for a brotherly aggregation of Algerian Muslim and Jewish chaabi (“music of the streets”) musicians to reunite after Algeria’s 1962 revolution ...


Russia | 109 minm | Andrei Zvyagintsev
When her ailing husband refuses to support her couch potato lout of a son from a previous marriage, an ex-nurse takes matters into her own hands. As in the best noir, the stain only spreads from there. From the opening ...

ELIMINATE: Archie Cookson

United Kingdom | 87 minm | Rob Holder
There’s a moment early in ELIMINATE: Archie Cookson where the titular spy is sitting in a dreary British cafe with a fellow spy. Practically out of nowhere, the other spy punches Cookson in the face, bloodying his nose. Nobody else ...

Emerald City Visions (A Hip Hop Reinterpretation of The Wiz)

USA | 90 minm | Larry Mizell Jr.
Curated by hiphop music maker and Stranger columnist Larry Mizell Jr., Emerald City Visions involves the songs of Broadway-and-cinema's The Wiz (the classic African American spin on The Wizard of Oz) reinterpreted by some of the Pacific Northwest's brightest hiphop ...

The Empty Home

World Premiere | Kyrgyzstan | Russia | 98 minm | Nurbek Egen
Ascel bails on her groom in Kyrgyzstan and heads for Moscow to make it in the big city. Then shit gets real.


USA | 97 minm | Rory Kennedy
Although Ethel and Robert Kennedy were Catholic, they fucked like Mormons. (Or they just fucked like normal people and it was that whole birth-control issue.) At any rate, their eleventh kid, Rory Kennedy, made this documentary about her mother. Variety ...

Everything and Everyone

U.S. Premiere | Canada | 100 minm | Tracy D. Smith
Everything and Everyone is all over the place. It centers, sort of, on an irresponsible guy who suddenly inherits a son—then there’s his troubled relationship with his father, his mother’s illness, his would-be girlfriend, and an entire additional plot that ...


USA | 80 minm | Richard Bates Jr.
Pauline dreams of fucking people with a scalpel or something, until one day she (maybe) does it to the jock boyfriend of her high-school arch nemesis. Variety calls it "technically polished juvenilia that provokes without resonance."

The Exorcist

USA | 120 minm | William Friedkin
In the hall of terrifying images, Linda Blair's satanically disfigured Regan ranks near the very top—up there with that guy facing the corner at the end of Blair Witch Project and Sarah Palin taking the stage at the 2008 Republican ...

The Eye of the Storm

Australia | 114 minm | Fred Schepisi
An ironically titled film if ever there was one. Calm is the one thing the wealthy Hunter family needs. Charlotte Rampling is the fading but manipulative matriarch, presiding over a colorful rogues' gallery of conniving heirs and eccentric-but-loyal housestaff, each ...

Family Portrait in Black and White

Canada | Ukraine | 106 minm | Julia Ivanova
A woman in the Ukraine has 27 foster children, which may seem terrible, and to some people (and some authorities) does, until another factor is considered: Most of them are mixed-race, and unwanted because they are mixed-race. Racism in nationalist, ...

Finding North

USA | 90 minm | Lori Silverbush
A documentary about the complex issue of hunger and food distribution in America.

The First on the List

U.S. Premiere | Italy | 85 minm | Roan Johnson
A comedy in which a paranoid composer and a couple of musician types try to bail from 1970s Italy after the paranoid composer gets an unsettling phone call. A Fiat and hilarity purportedly ensue. No one has yet reviewed this ...

The First Time

USA | 98 minm | Jonathan Kasdan
Another film about—wait for it!—teens losing their virginity! The Hollywood Reporter says "drawing a mainstream crowd to such a low-budgeter will require special skills from an enterprising distributor."

Five Star Existence

Finland | Sweden | 84 minm | Sonja Lindén
How has technology changed the living world? That is the question this documentary tackles impressionistically, through gorgeous cinematography. A cow saddles up next to some mechanical arms and triggers, a laser scans the udder, a suction thing connects itself to ...

Fly Filmmaking Challenge

USA | 45 minm | Various
These four locally made films are the result of this year’s Fly Filmmaking Challenge, where 12 writers pitched their ideas to directors. After four pitches were chosen, the writers had only three days to shoot footage on the Seattle Center ...

Found Memories

Argentina | Brazil | France | 98 minm | Julia Murat
A young photographer named Rita follows some train tracks through the jungle and finds a tiny, abandoned coffee town populated by old people who eat dinner together every evening.

Four Suns

Czech Republic | 102 minm | Bohdan Sláma
A 37-year-old slacker attempts to keep his teenage son in line, a task made difficult by his own tendencies toward getting high and screwing things up on a regular basis. Director Bohdan Sláma’s wobbly, rambling style of storytelling may seem ...

The Fourth State

U.S. Premiere | Germany | 115 minm | Dennis Gansel
Moritz Bleibtreu (Run Lola Run) plays a thirtysomething German journalist who moves to Moscow to run a celebrity magazine. He soon falls in love with a very krasivaya Russian journalist who is trying to change the world (Spoiler! Sorry!). The ...

Free Throw

World Premiere | USA | 78 minm | Court Crandall
A former ad executive devises a free-throw contest for high-school kids in Compton—the prize is a $40,000 college scholarship. This documentary was directed by Court Crandall, the former ad executive.

The French Connection

USA | 104 minm | William Friedkin
Dirty cops, sleazy drug dealers, a wild car chase... the sordid ’70s are alive again! William Friedkin's Oscar-sweeping, amoral, semi-documentary procedural is perversely thrilling as it follows blue-collar-to-the-bone Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) as he tries to bring down a smarmy ...

Fuck My Wedding

U.S. Premiere | Chile | 96 minm | Nicolás López
It’s wacky down there in Chile! At any given moment in this dramedy about lust, love, marriage, and so forth, there might be a good laugh, a music-video sequence, a crisis with capital-E Emotions, or someone trying to run someone ...


USA | 89 minm | Alfredo de Villa
An “un-romantic comedy” in which a troubled comedian gives a great performance, accidentally knocks himself unconscious in his bathtub afterward, and takes us on a journey to the center of his mind.

Future Lasts Forever

France | Germany | Turkey | 108 minm | Özcan Alper
And so does this film. Beautiful Turkish ethnomusicologist Sumru travels the countryside collecting elegies three years after her boyfriend leaves to fight with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party. To appreciate this film, you must approach it with the patience of an ...

Future Weather

USA | 100 minm | Jenny Deller
Thirteen-year-old Lauduree is a precocious A+ student who’s obsessed with climate change, while her own world is out of control, too—her mother’s a partyer, and they live from hand-to-mouth in a trailer home. When her mom takes off for a ...

FutureWave Shorts

Canada | Puerto Rico | USA | 85 minm | Various
All these film were made by filmmakers who are 18 or under. The lineup includes the winner of this year’s Three Minute Masterpiece competition, as well as a short film about growing up Muslim in America, shunning texting for the ...

Game of Werewolves

Spain | 106 minm | Juan Martinez Moreno
Based on this film's sense of humor and occasional foiling of genre expectations, it’s pretty clear that Spanish horror film Game of Werewolves fancies itself a kind of Shaun of the Dead for the lycanthropic set. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near ...


USA | 89 minm | Jonathan Lisecki
A Manhattan woman recruits her gay friend to help get her pregnant—in the old-fashioned way—and things get complicated between the two and their normal dating lives. One reviewer at the SXSW film festival wrote that it “lands funny one-liners but ...

The Glass Man

U.S. Premiere | United Kingdom | 108 minm | Cristian Solimeno
Thanks to the global economic downturn, a middle-class man finds his prospects growing ever more desperate. When a debt collector offers a novel and morality-challenged method of payment, the man cannot say no. The specifics of this man, this offer, ...

Golden Slumbers

Cambodia | France | 99 minm | Davy Chou
It’s well known that millions of people died during the Khmer Rouge’s 1970s reign of terror. What’s less well known is that the Khmer Rouge also completely destroyed Cambodian cinema. Almost all that remains of that tradition, which thrived in ...


Iran | 104 minm | Mohammad Rasoulof
The Iranian director who made this film, Mohammad Rasoulof, was sentenced to six years in prison for “propagandizing” against the regime in 2010—this was his last film, released at Cannes in 2011. It’s not a fun watch, it’s a cold, ...

The Great Bear

Denmark | 73 minm | Esben Toft Jacobsen
An animated Danish film about a brother and sister who are initially frightened by, and then make friends with, a 1,000-year-old bear who lives in "the forbidden forest beyond the backyard."

Growing Up Gay

Canada | USA | 83 minm | Various
A collection of homosexual shorts, featuring beefcake, dinner parties, funny daddies, nonmonogamy, more nonmonogamy, jail time, and steam baths. You know, your typical weekend.


France | 102 minm | Vincent Garenq
Warning: This film will make your head explode with frustration. One night, a man and his wife are arrested for their supposed involvement in a child prostitution ring. The couple maintain their innocence and the police gather no physical evidence, ...


U.S. Premiere | Australia | 104 minm | Amiel Courtin-Wilson
In this Australian docudrama, a middle-aged ex-con and his longtime girlfriend play themselves as they cope with his turbulent reentry into the outside world. Director Amiel Courtin-Wilson has been praised by critics for his “lyrical” and “cataclysmic” film that uses ...


Spain | The Netherlands | 80 minm | Sacha Polak
Goodness! Thanks to a dysfunctional relationship with her father, a young woman is picking up people for casual sex like nobody’s business. According to Variety, the film “features ample shots of its characters’ nether-regions.”