SIFF 2013 Films

100 Bloody Acres

Australia | 91 minm | Colin Cairnes
Two brothers build a thriving organic fertilizer business using a secret ingredient—the bodies of car-crash victims who routinely die on a particularly tricky stretch of road near their farm. But when their supply runs low, they improvise in this bloody ...


U.S. Premiere | Argentina | 105 minm | Diego Kaplan
Three-fourths of two couples want to go to the swingers club, but the one stick-in-the-mud has to be convinced... sexily, no doubt! This "bittersweet comedy" (per SIFF—it sounds suh-weet-sweet to us!) takes place in swinging Argentina, where it's been a ...


U.S. Premiere | Thailand | 68 minm | Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Imagine distilling your life, your love, to a set of photographs. Now imagine losing those photographs, as Saj, a location scouter for film companies, does. When Saj’s hard drive fails, potentially erasing two years of work and photographs of her ...

9 Full Moons

World Premiere | USA | 103 minm | Tomer Almagor
Frankie (a hard-partying train-wreck kind of gal) and Lev (a sullen, mumbly musician who sort of looks like Jim Morrison) move in together after a couple of would-be (should-be) one-night stands and a big fight. A has-been country singer needs ...

Aayna Ka Bayna

U.S. Premiere | India | 94 minm | Samit Kakkad
If you’ve dedicated any amount of your life watching So You Think You Can Dance, then you will want to watch Aayna Ka Bayna, the story about nine young men who are living in the Yashwant Juvenile Detention Center and ...

About 111 Girls

Iraq | 79 minm | Nahid Ghobadi
A hapless government emissary roams the Iranian desert in search of the women of the title, a gaggle of desperate Kurds who have threatened to take drastic measures if their demand for husbands aren’t met immediately. Surprisingly goofy for much ...

The Act of Killing

Denmark | Norway | United Kingdom | 115 minm | Joshua Oppenheimer
The Act of Killing is a shape-shifting documentary exploring the horrifying history of Indonesia, where government-approved paramilitary organizations exterminated between 500,000 and a million "Communist dissidents" over a single year. The year was 1965, and when director Joshua Oppenheimer took ...

The African Cypher

U.S. Premiere | South Africa | 89 minm | Bryan Little
From impoverished Soweto pantsula dancers who sport orange Chuck Taylors and communicate via elaborate whistles to Cape Town b-boys with uniformly gorgeous bodies, perfect teeth, and a fiercely articulated sense of purpose, this documentary depicts a fascinating array of South ...

After Lucia

Mexico | 130 minm | Michel Franco
Remember the young woman who was slut-shamed on Facebook until she killed herself? This is in that territory, set in Mexico City, where a daughter is tormented at her new school school and her father is distracted by the recent ...

After the Battle

Egypt | France | 122 minm | Yousry Nasrallah
Remember Arab Spring? Remember that guy Mubarak that everybody was mad at? Even if you don't, the Egyptians probably do! This is a love story about that time in history and it centers around a man hired by Mubarak to ...

After Tiller

USA | 87 minm | Martha Shane
Dr. George Tiller was murdered in 2009. He was the fourth abortion provider in the United States to be assassinated in 11 years. This documentary examines the work and lives of the only four doctors left in the United States ...

After Winter, Spring

France | USA | Judith Lit
Is there anything cuter than a farmer rubbing the fuzzy face of an hour-old calf, asking, “Is there anything cuter than this?” Yes: when the farmer and the calf and the question are all French, as is the case in ...

Afternoon Delight

USA | 108 minm | Jill Soloway
A middle-aged mom in the midst of a midlife crisis meets and gets to know a stripper. They meet at a strip club where the mother took her husband, hoping to add some heat to their sex life. Soon the ...


U.S. Premiere | Spain | 86 minm | Paco R. Baños
A Muslim Egyptian boy falls in love with a Christian Italian girl, his parents disapprove big time, and he rebels by running away to the streets of Rome, where he and his friend Stefano get involved in the violence that ...

Ali Blue Eyes

Italy | 100 minm | Claudio Giovannesi
A brash Muslim teen attempts to garner a rep in Rome, commencing a saga that begins with a robbery before school and gains downhill momentum from there. The film draws heavy inspiration from the 60’s Italian neorealism movement, which helps ...

Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

U.S. Premiere | USA | 84 minm | Prathiba Parmar
Alice Walker is much more woman than simply (simply!) the first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize. She’s a trail-blazing feminist, a self-described renegade, a civil rights activist who married a Jewish man at a time when interracial marriages ...

Alive and Well

World Premiere | Canada | United Kingdom | USA | 75 minm | Josh Taft
You can’t draw a much suckier lot in life than to come down with Huntington’s Disease, a painful, incurable, and invariably fatal degenerative disease. This documentary chronicles the struggles of its victims, and their children who stand a 50/50 chance ...

The Almost Man

Norway | 80 minm | Martin Lund
Henrik is a ridiculously awkward Norwegian man who tries to start loud arguments about abortion in the grocery store with his wife for yuks. He and his friends are still drinking and carrying on like they’re in their early twenties, ...

ALT Shorts

87 minm | Various
A program of short films promising "strange animations, cinematic explorations, and formal experiments."


USA | 86 minm
Animation with adult themes, with presumably means discussion of estate planning.

Another Woman’s Face

Italy | 83 minm | Pappi Corsicato
Director Pappi Corsicato got his start in the film industry by working as an assistant for Pedro Almodóvar and aspires to what SIFF calls a “poisoned bonbon” style. In this film, an Italian TV star gets in a minor accident ...

The Artist and the Model

Spain | 105 minm | Fernando Trueba
It’s 1943. A beautiful Spanish refugee is taken in by a couple living in German-occupied France. As is the case with many a beautiful woman, she sparks the creative juices of her host’s sculptor husband and inspires his final work. ...


Argentina | Spain | 116 minm | Eduard Cortes
In1950s Madrid, under the Franco dictatorship, some lovable goofballs try to pull off a jewel heist involving Eva Perón’s jewelry, Juan Perón loyalists, Franco’s necklace-loving wife, and two bickering thieves. Based on a true story.

The Attack

Belgium | Egypt | France | Lebanon | Qatar | 102 minm | Ziad Doueiri
The Attack begins in a Tel Aviv police car that’s transporting an Arab doctor, Amin Jaafari, to his posh apartment, which is being searched for evidence. He can’t believe his stable and safe world has been turned upside down so ...


France | 102 minm | Alice Winocour
It’s 19th-century France and Augustine is a kitchen maid whose “fits” land her in a hospital where a doctor becomes entranced by the eroticism of said fits. He displays her to audiences. Power positions get all mixed up. There is ...


USA | 80 minm | Alex Stonehill
A brisk but depressing documentary about Sam “Barzan” Malkandi, who emigrated from Iraq to Seattle and watched his family prosper here for years. After 9/11, he found himself arrested, detained in jail for years, and finally deported for an ephemeral ...

Before Snowfall

Germany | Norway | 105 minm | Hisham Zaman
A Kurdish Iraqi named Siyar is the oldest man in his family. So, because the world is a horrible place, this means that when his sister flees from an arranged marriage, heading to Turkey, Siyar must attempt to track her ...

Belleville Baby

U.S. Premiere | Sweden | 76 minm | Mia Engberg
We all have wistful memories of The One That Got Away, but what if The One shows up on your doorstep suddenly, after eight years in prison, and wants you to take him in, save him, and show him how ...

Between Valleys

U.S. Premiere | Brazil | Germany | Uruguay | 80 minm | Philippe Barcinski
How secure is your way of life? This is a story about a man who loses everything. Vicente has a professional job, a wife, a son, a house, a stable world. Through a series of events, his life completely unravels. ...

Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton

USA | 83 minm | Eric Slade
Part of a group of bohemian poets, philosophers, and dancers who made radical art, James Broughton was a poet, a pioneer of queer filmmaking, a teacher, and a free-spirited man who had a dynamic and amazing life, and who knew ...

Bitch Hug

U.S. Premiere | Sweden | 97 minm | Andreas Öhman
A young woman named Kristin wants to leave her humdrum little rural Swedish town behind for the glamour of New York City, so she gets a local newspaper to foot the bill. But Kristen misses her flight, and starts filing ...


Canada | 106 minm | Jason Buxton
In a fit of rage, a teenaged outcast makes a careless threat online. The next thing he knows, the police have circled his house and then he’s stuck in juvie with a bunch of rampaging delinquents for planning a school ...

The Bling Ring

U.S. Premiere | USA | 90 minm | Sofia Coppola
A brash group of affluent SoCal teenagers pinched cash, clothes, and jewelry from the homes of celebrities. With its monotonous succession of nightclubs and fancy closets, Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring is a disappointingly unambitious retelling of the crimes. Which ...

Breach in the Silence

U.S. Premiere | Venezuela | 90 minm | Andrés Rodríguez
This moving Venezuelan film is made of water and shadows and big, dark, soulful eyes—but please! Don't send cash, it's not a UNICEF commercial. A young deaf-mute who is abused in every way possible is the protagonista—we experience a journey ...

Breathing Earth

U.S. Premiere | Germany | Scotland | 93 minm | Thomas Riedelsheimer
After studying the work of Andy Goldsworthy in River and Tides, Thomas Riedelsheimer devotes his latest documentary to Japanese artist Susumu Shingu, who believes the wind speaks to him. Shingu dreams of creating a wind-powered home where his wind and ...


Philippines | 110 minm | Jun Robles Lana
Rene didn’t come out of the closet until he was 60, and he is bountifully cranky about life and somewhat obsessed with death (including sleeping in his own coffin). He shows his tender side only to his dog, Bwakaw, and ...


U.S. Premiere | Spain | 94 minm | Patxo Telleria
An amorous Basque economist returns to his hometown to visit a friend he knew in college who has a terminal illness. When he learns that he’s the object of her unrequited love, he decides—both charitably and egotistically—to ease her final ...


Ireland | United Kingdom | 118 minm | Neil Jordan
Two strange and beautiful women who turn out to be vampires settle into a small town in England, where one loves to seduce and kill and the other (Hanna’s brilliant young Saoirse Ronan) only preys on the old or the ...


Canada | 95 minm | Rafaël Ouellet
A roadside accident brings together a father and his two sons, along with a vapor trail of regrets and emotional baggage. Detailing a situation that wouldn't be out of place in a Springsteen song, writer/director/editor Rafaël Ouellet brings a knowing, ...

Capturing Dad

U.S. Premiere | Japan | 74 minm | Ryota Nakano
A bitter divorcee in Japan sends her daughters on a mission to take a photograph of their long-estranged father. (He is dying and the angry mother wants to laugh in his face.) The teenage girls take a journey into the ...

Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari

U.S. Premiere | Russia | 106 minm | Aleksey Fedorchenko
Who needs a plot when you can have a zombie assassin, a catatonic nude dance party, and a rare bird living in a vagina? In this rustically erotic series of vignettes, a total of twenty-four young women are subjected to ...

Celluloid Man

India | 150 minm | Shivendra Singh Dungarpur
What this superb and atmospheric Indian documentary makes clear is that every work cinema, no matter how low or how bad, needs to be stored and preserved. Directed by Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, the film is about P.K. Nair, an Indian ...

Children of Sarajevo

Bosnia-Herzegovina | France | Germany | Turkey | 90 minm | Aida Begic
Set in a war-torn landscape, two orphaned siblings are just trying to get by. Rihama is 23 and works as a cook while caring for her juvenile-delinquent younger brother, who’s stuck in class with a bunch of richy-rich assholes.

¡Cinema Magnifico!

Spain | 87 minm | Various
A collection of short Spanish films, including a secret code between lovers and a haunted apartment in New York.


Croatia | France | Germany | Serbia | Slovenia | 112 minm | Srdan Golubovic
A suspenseful, tightly wound story about a crime committed against the horrible backdrop of wartime in Serbia. The crime is frozen midway as the movie fast-forwards more than a decade to look at its fallout before solving the mystery of ...

The Cleaner

Peru | Adrian Saba
As a mysterious plague lays waste to Lima (and the world, most likely), a solitary middle-aged man spends his days bagging and tagging the casualties. Once he finds an orphaned boy in a closet, however, his tunnel vision becomes forcibly ...

Closed Curtain

U.S. Premiere | Iran | 106 minm | Jafar Panahi
In 2010 the Iranian government banned director Jafar Panahi from making any more movies until 2030. Panahi's reaction, of course, was to make a movie about that. Set in his own house on the Caspian Sea, it tells the story ...


World Premiere | USA | 80 minm | Diane Crespo
Carol Kane (Taxi, Annie Hall) stars in this comedy about a hoarder whose house is threatened by the county health department. Her children, including a filmmaker, come in to help. Sorting through the crap becomes a grand metaphor.

Cockneys vs. Zombies

United Kingdom | 88 minm | Matthias Hoene
Just when you think the zombie movie is finally spent as a genre, along comes a shiny little low-budget comedy like Cockneys vs. Zombies to prove you wrong. A pair of East London kids rob a bank to help save ...

Cold War

Hong Kong | 102 minm | Longman Leung
This Hong Kong police thriller opens with a bomb blast in a movie theater and follows with a hijacked-police-van hostage situation. It looks to be complex and adrenalizing.

Coming Forth by Day

Egypt | United Arab Emirates | 96 minm | Hala Lotfy
A young woman lives with her parents outside Cairo—and she’s stuck there. Her father is seriously ill and her mother works at night in a hospital. Filmed shortly after the 2011 protest in Egypt, director Hala Lotfy remarked, “Any idiot ...

Computer Chess

USA | 91m | Andrew Bujalski
Wikipedia says people call director Andrew Bujalski the "Godfather of Mumblecore." While that’s a godawful nickname that no human being should ever utter, if you’ve ever seen Bujalski’s other films—Funny Ha-Ha, Beeswax, some contributions to Hannah Takes the Stairs—you could ...

Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Belgium | North Korea | United Kingdom | 83 minm | Anja Daelemans
Shot in Pyongyang, with a North Korean cast and crew, this film tells the story of Comrade Kim Yong Mi, a coal miner with dreams of doing trapeze performing.

Comrade President

U.S. Premiere | Zimbabwe | 89 minm | Mosco Kamwendo
Zimbabwean director Mosco Kamwendo’s documentary about revolutionary socialist leader Samora Moises Machel, who fought for the independence of Mozambique and later became president. The film explores the Mozambican fight for independence and the challenges of leading in the postcolonial period.


USA | 93 minm | Stacie Passon
Abby is a fortysomething woman who takes care of the house and kids while her wife works as a busy attorney. They live in a wealthy suburb in a big house, and she and her friends exercise a lot. Unfulfilled ...

The Crash Reel

USA | 109 minm | Lucy Walker
It starts with a press conference of Olympic hopeful Kevin Pearce talking about snowboarding, and then training on a half-pipes in Aspen and Park City, flying high through the air like it’s nothing in the world. Then, in the middle ...

Crossing the Line

93 minm | Various
Crossing the Line isn’t a movie but a collection of taboo-topic shorts including Auschwitz On My Mind, F**k the Parents (in which a dejected dude dates the parents of his ex), and Nude Photos! about a 1971 art show in ...

Crystal Fairy

Chile | 98 minm | Sebastián Silva
Seems like it’s been years—Superbad, maybe?—since we’ve seen Michael Cera in a movie with a truly dirty sense of humor. And we’ve never seen the Cera we meet in Crystal Fairy: In this Chilean comedy, Cera plays an asshole American ...

Dead Meat Walking - A Zombie Walk Documentary

U.S. Premiere | USA | 70 minm | Omar J. Pineda
What’s the deal with all the zombie walks? That’s the whole premise of Dead Meat Walking, and it’s not quite involving enough to demand your interest for its full runtime. Once you get through the novelty of seeing all the ...

Decoding Annie Parker

USA | 91 minm | Steven Bernstein
A researcher discovers the tie between DNA and cancer in this biopic about one of the biggest breast cancer breakthroughs in history. Annie Parkerhas an all-star cast (Samantha Morton and Helen Hunt star, and Aaron Paul, Rashida Jones, Bradley Whitford, ...

The Deep

Iceland | Norway | 95 minm | Baltasar Kormákur
This competently executed Icelandic film is about a man who is not just fat but has a very special type of fat. When the fishing boat he works on capsizes in the middle of the sea and throws him and ...

Die Welt

Netherlands | Qatar | Tunisia | 80 minm | Alex Pitstra
Abdallah is a 19-year-old kid lucky to have a crap job at a “video store” renting pirated DVDs of Hollywood blockbusters to people who don’t give a damn when he explains that Transformers 2 misrepresents Arabs. Ultimately, he schemes with ...

Doch (The Daughter)

Russia | 110 minm | Alexander Kasatkin
Proof the no one investigates evil (or spiritual depravity) better than the Russians can be found in this film by Alexander Kasatkin and Natalia Nazarova. Set in a small town, the movie is about a serial killer who preys upon ...

Dog Flesh

Chile | France | Germany | 81 minm | Fernando Guzzoni
This looks like a powerful movie, about a stranded taxi driver who’s a former torturer for Pinochet’s regime. But for a momentary distraction, please enjoy this description by Variety that “Title refers to Alejandro’s somewhat confused relationship with his pet.”

Drinking Buddies

95 minm | Joe Swanberg
Drinking Buddies is about the tight friendship between Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke (Jake Johnson), two coworkers at a brewery who flirt, share lunch, and go out for drinks—and who are both romantically involved with other people (Anna Kendrick, Ron ...

The East

USA | 116 minm | Zal Batmanglij
Indie darling Brit Marling and director Zal Batmanglij's sophomore effort takes the hypnotically paranoid vibe of Sound Of My Voice and improves on the rest. Ellen Page and hunky Alexander Skarsgård head up a homegrown terrorist group dedicated to avenging ...


U.S. Premiere | Brazil | 75 minm | Bruno Safadi
The acting and visuals are getting high marks on the festival circuit: The Brazilian movie involving a pregnant woman and a manipulative preacher is "a slight but beautifully crafted parable of sex, violence, and religious hypocrisy," the Hollywood Reporter says. ...

Every Blessed Day

U.S. Premiere | Italy | 102 minm | Paolo Virzi
A young unmarried couple in Rome decides to have a baby. Uptight Guido works as a night porter in a ritzy hotel, while free-spirited musician Antonia holds down a day job at a rental car service. At first this is ...

Everyday Revelations

In this series of shorts that are meant to encourage us to “take a look at our surroundings,” the surroundings include a toy store, the sea, the streets of Dublin, and Aurora Borealis.

Eyes Wide Open

USA | 120 minm | Various
Seven short films in one! Think about people making and eating food across cultures. Think about immigration and the American dream. Think about what a person is capable of after a tragic accident. Think about those signs that homeless people ...

Fanie Fourie’s Lobola

South Africa | 90 minm | Henk Pretorius
Perfect for non-film-nerds who want to see a familiar story set in an unfamiliar place, Fanie Fourie’s Lobola is the normalest of cutesy rom-coms, in this case about a South African interracial couple and the culture clashes they must endure. ...

Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story

USA | 98 minm | Brad Bernstein
Before watching Far Out Isn’t Far Enough , I thought I had never heard of Tomi Ungerer, despite the film’s claim that he was once one of the most popular children’s book authors. But I have! And so have you! ...


U.S. Premiere | South Korea | 103 minm | Lee Don-ku
This is NOT the feel-good movie of the summer. It begins with an unspeakable act of evil, then drags you over the hot coals of the long-term emotional consequences. A group of 18-year-olds gang-rapes a classmate—10 years later, haunted and ...

The Fifth Season

Belgium | France | Netherlands | 93 minm | Peter Brosens
An annual festival that involves burning away the sins of winter to make room for spring’s new growth goes horribly wrong in one small French village when winter’s giant pyre won’t light. Shot in beautifully gloomy blues and grays, The ...


India | 117 minm | Nitin Kakkar
If you've been itching to see an aspiring Bollywood actor direct his own hostage video for a group of hilariously grumpy Pakistani terrorists, this is the film for you. Sunny, our insanely cheerful protagonist, gets mistaken for an American journalist ...

Finding Hillywood

World Premiere | Rwanda | USA | 57 minm | Leah Warshawski
In an effort to heal seriously deep scars in a country ravaged by genocide, Finding Hillywood documents the scrappy beginnings of Rwanda’s film industry.

Five Dances

USA | 85 minm | Alan Brown
This mopey drama follows a cornfed Kansas kid struggling with his homosexuality as he moves to New York City and joins a dance troupe. Tensions flare amongst five performers (Five Dances, get it?) as they bounce off each other romantically. ...


Sweden | 96 minm | Patrik Eklund
Oscar-nominated director Patrick Eklund delivers a comedy about what happens when the power goes out in Sweden, starring an accountant with Ted Danson hair, a cleaning lady with arachnophobia, and an electrical engineer whose genitals have developed a rash, all ...

Fly Filmmaking Challenge

USA | 55 minm | Various
Four Seattle filmmakers—Ben Andrews, Amy Enser, Lulu Gargiulo, and Curtis Taylor—create short films on a freakishly tight deadline, then share the results.

Forbidden Voices

Switzerland | 96 minm | Barbara Miller
Female blogger Yoani Sanchez has been branded the youngest enemy of Cuba for criticizing her country’s government. Blogger Farnaz Seifi explains that in Iran, “Women are considered half of the man—injuring a man’s genitals in a car accident costs more ...

The Forgotten Kingdom

USA | 96 minm | Andrew Mudge
A Johannesburg man treks back to the rural village of his childhood to bury his father and finds himself in love with his childhood friend, now a school teacher. Old love, ghostly people and the difficult land around him illuminate ...

Free Fall

Germany | 100 minm | Stephan Lacant
A police officer named Marc who always thought he was straight has a pregnant girlfriend he almost loves, and that's fine, until a man named Kay transfers into Marc's police unit and the two discover they are insanely attracted to ...

The Fruit Hunters

Canada | 96 minm | Yung Chang
Opening with lush, porny close-ups of freaky-looking varieties, this slick documentary is obsessed with all things fruit: the people who’re fixated on it (including, oddly, actor Bill Pullman), the sadness of the present-day grocery-store version of it, the places where ...

Fuck Up

Norway | 100 minm
In this freezing cold Norwegian black comedy, three childhood friends have to locate the cocaine gone missing when their other childhood friend crashes his car into a moose while transporting said coke. The dealers are pissed, the police are on ...

Full Circle

China | 104 minm | Zhang Yang
This is like Cocoon, but with more Chinese people and no Wilford Brimley. A group of sickly nursing home residents in Northern China rediscovers youthful vitality when they decide to buy a bus, bust out of the joint, and compete ...


USA | 80 minm | Amy Finkel
Humans love their pets SOOOO much. When the animals die, people want to memorialize them, anything from burying them in pet cemeteries to making jewelry from their cremains to freeze-drying them (“He’s not the same as he was, but it’s ...

FutureWave 2013

USA | 90 minm | Various
Thirteen short films, all made by directors under the age of 18.

Garibaldi’s Lovers

U.S. Premiere | France | Italy | Switzerland | 108 minm | Silvio Soldini
Judging from the previews, this Italian farce about a single, working-class dad involves a statue, a stork, and a nose injury. Also, a conversation about blowjobs.

Gay By Any Means

USA | 83 minm
Seven short films exploring the world of gay.


USA | 94 minm | Darren Stein
G.B.F. is about a group of bitchy and popular high school girls that decides that a gay best friend is the latest status symbol they need—but, since, no one they know is out of the closet, they decide to drag ...

Geography Club

USA | 90 minm | Gary Entin
While this is your surefire ticket to some Disney-hot (that’s different from regular hot—it’s more waxy) young dudes making out in the rain, it’s also your ticket to the lamest of gay teen dramas. The High School Musical of coming-out ...

The Girl With Nine Wigs

U.S. Premiere | Belgium | Germany | 117 minm | Marc Rothemund
When a 22-year-old German student from a wealthy family is diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer, she decides nothing’s gonna stop her from living her young life, especially the getting laid part. This is a cute movie about a young girl ...

Go Grandriders

Taiwan | 75 minm | Tien-hau Hua
Retirees ride around Japan on motorcycles in this documentary that’s clearly targetting your heartstrings. The group—average age: 81—scoot along as voice-overs inform you that “no one is too old to realize their dreams.” (In case it wasn’t obvious that the ...

Goltzius and the Pelican Company

Croatia | France | Netherlands | United Kingdom | 128 minm | Peter Greenaway
Part Rabelaisian soft porn, part art history lesson, Peter Greenway's high- concept movie concerns the 16th-century misadventures of a theater troupe and its ballsy leader when they're commissioned to perform dramatizations of the Old Testament in front of the shit-crazy ...

The Great Passage

U.S. Premiere | Japan | 133 minm | Yûya Ishii
A young man gets his dream job writing a new Japanese dictionary. But it's not just language that he loves. Soon enough a pretty young thing is beguiling him with "her obsession with cooking knives and fine cuisine."

The Guillotines

Hong Kong | 112 minm | Andrew Lau
These Guillotines are human, not machine—a group of masterful decapitating assassins in Qing Dynasty China who work for the emperor. After one of the Guillotines is taken hostage by Han rebels, the rest must fight to get him back while ...

A Gun in Each Hand

U.S. Premiere | Spain | 97 minm | Cesc Gay
A series of short comedic vignettes tells the stories of fortysomething men and their attempts to navigate modern relationships.

Halima’s Path

Croatia | 93 minm | Arsen Anton Ostojic
A Muslim woman tries to track down the remains of her husband and a son, probably buried in a mass grave somewhere during the Bosnian War. She encounters difficulties.


Philippines | 104 minm | Benito Bautista
A guitarist travels to his native Philippines to track down the few remaining practitioners of harana music, a remnant of a simpler time where singers were hired to croon outside the windows of young women. (Yes, that actually happened outside ...

Harmony Lessons

France | Germany | Kazakhstan | 110 minm | Emir Baigazin
“An existential coming-of-age revenge movie” that takes place on the steppes in Kazakhstan involves a bullied teenager played, Screen Daily says, played beautifully by an actor who was discovered by the director in an orphanage.