SIFF 2014 Films

1,000 Times Good Night

Norway | 111 minm | Erik Poppe
After suffering collateral damage during an assignment, a renowned war photographer (Juliette Binoche) must weigh her compulsion to be where the action is against the needs of her family at home. (Her husband is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, which should ...


Spain | USA | 99 minm | Carlos Marques-Marcet
A Spanish couple tries to do that long-distance relationship thing (hence the title) via texts, Skype, and other electronic means, which could make for a dreary, terrible film, but this one’s been winning nonstop rave reviews and awards at festivals. ...

3 Mile Limit

New Zealand | 105 minm | Craig Newland
In the mid-1960s, when the government controlled New Zealand’s airwaves and didn’t want kids necking to rock ’n’ roll, some upstart journalists put a radio transmitter on a battered old ship, sailed it three miles offshore—beyond government control—and fired up ...

3 Minute Masterpieces

The films selected from the third annual 3 Minute Masterpiece contest will be suitable for the family, as they do not have any sex, violence, or bad language.

40 Days of Silence

U.S. Premiere | France | Germany | Tajikistan | The Netherlands | Uzbekistan | 88 minm | Saodat Ismailova
A young Uzbek woman takes a vow of silence or “chilla”—a 40-day spiritual quarantine—moving to her grandmother’s house where three other female relatives spanning three generations also share the house and face struggles of their own.

Abuse of Weakness

Belgium | France | Germany | 104 minm | Catherine Breillat
An ailing filmmaker (Isabelle Huppert) casts a just-released con man, who then proceeds to insinuate himself into every facet of her life. Director Catherine Breillat recounts her real-life occurrence with a compelling lack of blinders, detailing her fleecing with rueful ...

African Metropolis

Egypt | Ivory Coast | Kenya | Nigeria | Senegal | South Africa | 92 minm | Marie Ka, Philippe Lacote, Ahmed Ghoneimy, Vincent Moloi, Folsakin Iwajomo, Jim Chuchu
The African cities represented in this collection of short films are Nairobi, Cairo, Lagos, Dakar, Abidjan, and Johannesburg. As each of these cities has its distinct culture, history, and geography, each short film is very distinct. Indeed, the story that ...

Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas

France | Germany | 122 minm | Arnaud des Pallières
Described as “a classy and beautiful 16th-century period drama” by the Guardian, this battle epic (starring hottie Mads Mikkelsen) focuses on those old-timey things people used to go to war over in the days before online comment threads. Like French ...

The Airstrip - Decampment of Modernism, Part III

U.S. Premiere | Germany | 108 minm | Heinz Emigholz
A slow-burn look at architecture around the world, with stops in places like Rome, Berlin, and Saipan. The glacial pace of this documentary is more than a little off-putting initially, especially when paired with the sparse narration delivered by a ...

Alex of Venice

USA | 86 minm | Chris Messina
This is the directorial debut for actor Chris Messina (The Newsroom, The Mindy Project), and it brings the viewer into intimate contact with—wait for it—a family drama. This drama revolves around an overworked lawyer whose surfer husband leaves her, dropping ...

Alone With You

96 minm
What does the world of cinema need more of? Thrillers. Even bad thrillers. There are just not enough thrillers out there. This one, which comes to us from Argentina, is said to be complicated, full of mind games, and involves ...

ALT World

78 minm
A collection of cinematic experiments: insect wings inside a desert cactus, a landscape of cotton balls, a collection of celestial images from old movies, a short “inspired by an event where Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp made a film of ...

The Amazing Catfish

Mexico | 89 minm | Claudia Sainte-Luce
Young, lonely Claudia is admitted to the hospital for appendicitis, where she meets older, happier Martha. The two begin to bond, and Martha brings Claudia into her family. The wrinkle: Martha is dying of HIV, and as the women’s friendship ...

Amazing Journeys

Films covering the math of everyday life, indigenous Peruvian women, love in many forms, early female computer programmers, wannabe superheroes, and unexpected relationships.

American Refugees

90 minm
Four animated short films about local families and homelessness. The films were created through Seattle University’s Film & Family Homelessness Project.


86 minm
Animation with adult themes, which presumably means discussion of estate planning.


World Premiere | USA | 80 minm | Jason Bognacki
I’m a sucker for an abstract David Lynch riff, but Another is just terrible, like someone who wanted to make a movie with Lynchian imagery without figuring out what they wanted to say first. This boring, bad horror movie is ...

Attila Marcel

France | 106 minm | Sylvain Chomet
It’s Attila the Hun meets Marcel Marceau in this… JK! But maybe? SIFF says, “Oscar-nominated director Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville, The Illusionist) makes his live-action debut in this effervescent, musical, candy-colored charmer about a mute piano prodigy unlocking ...

B For Boy

Nigeria | 118 minm | Chika Anadu
Chika Anadu, the director of this superb drama, is to Nollywood what Satyajit Ray (the greatest Indian director) was to Bollywood. Meaning, an Anadu film is not out to dazzle the audience and make the big bucks but to present ...

Bad Hair

Germany | Peru | Venezuela | 93 minm | Mariana Rondón
Everybody in Mariana Rondón’s sociopolitical lament wants something they can’t have. In Caracas, Junior (Samuel Lange), biracial son of stressed-out single mother Marta (Samantha Castillo), dreams of pop stardom, so he’s constantly trying to straighten his hair. While Marta looks ...

Ballet 422

USA | 72 minm | Jody Lee Lipes
Justin Peck dances in the corps de ballet, the lowliest group, at New York City Ballet. So he's not a star dancer. He is becoming a star choreographer. This documentary is the story of the rapid creation of his new ...

Beautiful Noise

World Premiere | USA | 87 minm | Eric Green
This Kickstarter-funded movie is about 1980s and ’90s guitar bands and the sea of effects pedals they used to create a unique sound.

Belle & Sebastien

France | 99 minm | Nicolas Vanier
“There is perhaps no cinematic bond stronger than that of the friendship between a boy and his dog,” says SIFF of this purportedly inspiring new cinematic version of a popular 1960s French novel about a boy and his dog who ...


USA | 89 minm | Ben Ketai
No one on the web has described the plot of this horror film better than the democracy of Wikipedia: “Several teenagers head out to the lake for a day of fun and sun, unaware that a giant man-eating catfish lurks ...

Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above

Taiwan | 93 minm | Chi Po-Lin
Chi Po-lin left his job to shoot Taiwan from the sky, in a helicopter, and broke box-office records with the resulting documentary. Revealed are Taiwan's vast and beautiful shorelines, mountains, cityscapes, rivers, and farms--visibly altered, for good, bad and beyond, ...

Beyond the Brick: A LEGO® Brickumentary

Denmark | USA | 95 minm | Kief Davidson, Daniel Junge
The LEGO® documentary! The LEGO® documentary! (From an Oscar®-winning director!) In this film, you will learn about “brick artists ” and a special level of fanatics who have achieved the title of “Master Builder,” as well as the therapeutic effects ...


USA | 98 minm | Shawn Telford
The trailer for BFE indicates that it’s a drama about creepy older rural people doing creepy things and young rural people doing sexy things. It’s a pretty good trailer that ends with an old man shitting himself.

Big in Japan

Japan | USA | 100 minm | John Jeffcoat
Seattle band Tennis Pro stars in this “semi-fictionalized rock and roll road movie” that takes place in Japan. Could Tennis Pro be the Monkees of a new generation? God, let’s hope so.

The Bit Player

Philippines | 111 minm | Jeffrey Jeturian
Dreams of stardom propel a middle-aged Filipino woman through a number of craft service and costume-related indignities, as she jockeys for position with other hopefuls in an attempt to land a few precious seconds on camera for a cheesy soap ...

Black Coal, Thin Ice

China | Hong Kong | 106 minm | Diao Yinan
This film's English title, Black Coal, Thin Ice, has nothing in common with its Chinese title, which directly translates to Daylight Fireworks. The reason for this? The answer might have something to do with the plot, which concerns a detective ...

Blind Dates

Georgia | 95 minm | Levan Koguashvili
Variety calls this one "a slow-burning delight that leaves a soulful afterglow." It's about a lovable Tbilisi bachelor nearing 40 who can't find the right woman. When it seems he finally has, he ends up on the wrong side of ...

Born To Fly

USA | 82 minm | Catherine Gund
"How could a human fly?" This is what Elizabeth Streb has always wanted to know, and what she founded a dance company to find out. Of course, they can't, but that's no reason to stop trying. Her dancers slam into ...

Bound: Africans Versus African Americans

World Premiere | 90 minm | Peres Owino
Kenyan-born actress Peres Owino helms this documentary on the under-discussed bonds (as well as disconnections) between Africans and African Americans, with an emphasis on the unlikely elements that unite them across yawning geographic and cultural gaps.

The Boy and the World

Brazil | 80 minm | Alê Abreu
American children probably won’t have the patience for The Boy and the World, but American stoners will love the hell out of this animated Brazilian film. Boy opens with something you don’t see a lot of in animation: white space. ...


Netherlands | 78 minm | Mischa Kamp
A quiet teenager recovering from a family shakeup finds his life changing further when he begins to helplessly trade smoldering glances with a member of his school relay team. Originally shot for Danish television, this evenhanded melodrama seems a little ...

The Breach

USA | 85 minm | Mark Titus
A work in progress from Seattle-based director Mark Titus, The Breach is a documentary about our ecosystem of wild salmon and its fragility, looking at both Washington’s Elwha River dam removal and Alaska’s Pebble Mine mineral exploration project. This is ...

The Butterfly’s Dream

Turkey | 123 minm | Yilmaz Erdogan
This is not a good film. And it really tries too hard not to be a bad film. It has sweeping music to match a sweeping love story that involves a Turkish man who has blue eyes and a Turkish ...

Calling Card

90 minm
This is a collection of short films from all over the world, including a film about Zambia’s space program—delightfully titled Afronauts—a thumb wandering around Berlin, and a documentary about a street market in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Australia | Singapore | 84 minm | Aaron Wilson
Canopy’s opening shot hovers just above a jungle, with columns of thick black smoke reaching up through the rich greens of its leaves. It’s Singapore, 1942, as the Imperial Japanese Army launches the Battle of Kranji against the British. An ...

The Case Against 8

USA | 112 minm | Ben Cotner, Ryan White
Good luck getting through The Case Against 8 with dry eyes. The fate of California’s Proposition 8, which sought to ban gay marriage, is part of the public record, but the documentary generates emotion and suspense through the diverse personalities ...

Charlie Chaplin shorts

USA | 74 minm
These will feature “a live accompaniment by Donald Sosin,” according to SIFF, and the Chaplin films to be accompanied by Mr. Sosin are: Kid Auto Races in Venice, One A.M., Easy Street, and The Immigrant.

#ChicagoGirl - The Social Network Takes on a Dictator

U.S. Premiere | Syria | USA | 74 minm | Joe Piscatella
A badass Syrian teenage girl living in the United States decides to use her computer to organize a revolution. She makes contact with people on the ground to help keep them safe by deleting Facebook accounts when they are captured, ...

The Circle

Switzerland | 102 minm | Stefan Haupt
In the 1950s, a gay organization in Zurich called “The Circle” formed the basis for some of the earliest work in the gay-rights movement. Based on true events and a blend of documentary and dramatic reenactment, this story focuses on ...

Class Enemy

Slovenia | 112 minm | Rok Bi ek
A new teacher arrives at a high school and finds himself in a Slovenian version of To Sir, with Love. The teacher is stern, lectures about German modernist literature, and demands total respect from his students. When his relentless sternness ...


Czech Republic | Finland | Luxembourg | Slovakia | 120 minm | Viktor Tau
After 30 years in France, legendary mime Oskar (Didier Flamand) returns to Prague to perform, but instead of a happy homecoming, he faces accusations that he abandoned his country, his family, and his partners, Viktor (Jirí Lábus) and the cancer-stricken ...

Club Sandwich

Mexico | 82 minm | Fernando Eimbcke
According to the Hollywood Reporter, this is “a gentle comedy that explores the shifting dynamic between a young single mother and her 15-year old son” when he meets a girl on vacation. Can your heart handle a tale of young ...


USA | 80 minm | Patrick Brice
Mark Duplass cowrote and costars in this found-footage horror movie about a filmmaker who answers an ad to film a man who has cancer for an entire day. Indiewire says that the dynamic between the two men “mutates and becomes ...


USA | 92 minm | Ben Knight, Travis Rummel
Since the 1930s, thousands of artificial dams have been built across the country, providing hydroelectric power and jobs to millions over the years. They’ve apparently also created environmental catastrophes, separated indigenous people from their lands, and destroyed wildlife and recreational ...

Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus

U.S. Premiere | Belarus | United Kingdom | USA | 76 minm | Madeleine Sackler
In late 2010, members of the Free Theater of Belarus lived through a real-life espionage thriller—when massive protests erupted after a rigged election (the country is often described as the last remaining dictatorship in Europe), the government responded with a ...

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

Norway | 100 minm | Tommy Wirkola
This is the sequel to Dead Snow, which, if you missed it, was about a bunch of Nazi zombies and their leader, Colonel Herzog. In this second look at the trouble a bunch of Nazi zombies can bring, the only ...

Dear White People

USA | 108 minm | Justin Simien
When a race war breaks out at a prestigious university, we get to backtrack to see what set it all off. Four black students try to navigate the Ivory Tower and figure out where they fit in while also trying ...

Desert Cathedral

World Premiere | USA | 90 minm | Travis Gutiérrez Senger
Based on the real 1990s story of a Seattle man who, hounded by debts he racked up as a real-estate developer, disappeared into the desert of the southwestern United States, leaving behind only a bunch of VHS tapes. His name ...

Desert Runners

Antarctica | Chile | China | Egypt | USA | 95 minm | Jennifer Steinman
What in blazes possesses a person to run four ultramarathons in one year, totaling 1,000 kilometers (about 620 miles)? That’s the crux of Desert Runners. Jennifer Steinman’s documentary follows four individuals’ travails as they traverse the driest, windiest, hottest, and ...


Ethiopia | 99 minm | Zeresenay Berhane Mehari
Based on an extraordinarily-horrible-yet-inspiring-sounding true story, this Sundance and Berlin audience-award-winner confronts the horror of marriage abduction in Ethiopia by way of the story of a girl who shoots her captor dead, then dares to claim self-defense in court.

The Disciple

Finland | 93 minm | Ulrika Bengts
From Finnish director Ulrika Bengts comes an austere, claustrophobic drama about a 13-year-old orphan stuck on an island with a spiteful, abusive lighthouse keeper, amidst the onset of World War II. “Remains a hard-hitting drama until the end,” says the ...

A Dream of Iron

South Korea | USA | 98 minm | Kelvin Kyung Kun Park
This Korean documentary traces parallels between the iron/steel industry and religion, weaving the historical and modern, the massive and the intimate. Director Kelvin Kyung Kun Park sees magic and mythology in the relationships between man and machine.

The Dune

France | Israel | 86 minm | Yossi Aviram
Niels Arestrup brings a rumpled gravitas to every role he plays, and The Dune is no exception. In this French-Israeli drama, cinematographer-turned-director Yossi Aviram alternates between three characters: Arestrup’s missing-persons detective, a silent Israeli chess player (Lior Ashkenazi), and a ...

Eastern Boys

France | 128 minm | Robin Campillo
The only thing to hate about this film is how it ends. Everything else about it is great: the opening at the train station, the middle-aged gay Parisian making an offer to a young Eastern European prostitute, the strange burglary ...

Electro Chaabi

Egypt | France | 77 minm | Hind Meddeb
Here is what you must consider when watching this excellent documentary about a new musical genre, mahraganat, that was formed in the streets of Cairo: Egypt has a population of 80 million and a gross domestic product (GDP) of $260 ...

Everything We Loved

New Zealand | 100 minm | Max Currie
A husband-and-wife magician team loses their young son, driving them deep into grief and depression. In a desperate scheme, the man resorts to what he knows best: illusion. His wife, their friends, and their new “son” become embroiled ever further ...

Family United

Spain | 95 minm | Daniel Sánchez Arévalo
A precocious little kid proposes to his sweetheart when they’re in elementary school, but makes good on the promise when they decide to get married 10 years later. The wedding is the central point of this comedy about family, siblings, ...

Fasten Your Seatbelts

U.S. Premiere | Italy | 110 minm | Ferzan Ozpetek
Two gorgeous couples navigate attraction, fidelity, marriage, love, friendship, and family over the years—all in the beautiful scenery of Southern Italy.

Fifi Howls from Happiness

Iran | Italy | USA | 96 minm | Mitra Farahani
Clearly the best-named film at SIFF this year, no? This art documentary covers the life and work of Iranian sculptor and painter Bahman Mohasses, who was once celebrated, then censored. Mohasses vanished from public life and history after the revolution, ...

Fight Church

USA | 83 minm | Daniel Junge, Bryan Storkel
Holy hell—this documentary (with one of the two directors an Oscar winner) is, yes, actually about Fight Club–style fight clubs AT CHURCHES. It appears that the girlymen of Mars Hill are not involved.

Final Recipe

Singapore | South Korea | Thailand | 98 minm | Gina Kim
This film is about a young man (played by the Toronto-born K-pop star Henry Lau) who enters a cooking competition on TV to save his father’s restaurant and the reputation of his family. Will he succeed?


Hong Kong | 110 minm | Alan Yuen
A Hong Kong police inspector is intent on putting an end to a crime lord’s bloody reign—even if it means stepping outside the law. Variety calls it “risibly implausible,” saying that writer/director Alan Yuen buries “his potentially compelling subject… under ...

First Snowfall

Italy | 104 minm | Andrea Segre
A fine cast and majestic shots of the Italian Alps liven a “dull film,” says the Hollywood Reporter, in which award-winning director Andrea Segre tries a bit too hard to parallel the travails of a Togolese immigrant who lost his ...

Fish & Cat

Iran | 134 minm | Shahram Mokri
In this Iranian drama, some students set up camp for a kite-flying expedition next to a restaurant that might serve human flesh. Those who are obsessed with cinematic technical feats will find plenty to appreciate about Fish & Cat, which ...

Five Star

USA | 83 min | Keith Miller
Director Keith Miller’s last film, Welcome to Pine Hill, won prizes and acclaim all over the festival circuit, including here at SIFF in 2012. Miller’s newest work is a quiet, complex look at two men, a fatherless teenager and his ...

Fly Colt Fly: The Legend of the Barefoot Bandit

U.S. Premiere | Canada | 82 minm | Adam Gray, Andrew Gray
Admire him or despise him, people have strong feelings about Colton Harris-Moore, aka the Barefoot Bandit. After escaping a halfway house in Renton at age 17, Harris-Moore went on the lam and became a phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest. He ...

Fly Filmmaking Challenge

60 minm
Five local film production companies create short films on the fly (GET IT?) around the theme “Seattle, I Love You.”

For Those in Peril

United Kingdom | 93 minm | Paul Wright
Aaron, the sole survivor of a mysterious fishing accident that killed five others (including his brother), tries to return to normal life in his Scottish village home. But he can’t remember the details of the accident, nor prove (even to ...

Four Corners

U.S. Premiere | South Africa | 119 minm | Ian Gabriel
Set in the Cape Flats of Cape Town, this South African crime drama is about a gang war that began a long time ago and is set to go on forever. Five characters move the film’s plot—a detective, a doctor, ...

The Foxy Merkins

USA | 81 minm | Madeleine Olnek
In this deadpan comedy, a scrubby down-and-out lesbian turns to sex work to get by, but her antisocial nature isn’t winning her any customers. Things start looking up when she meets a more successful prostitute who shows her the ropes—and ...

Free Range: Ballad on Approving of the World

U.S. Premiere | Estonia | 104 minm | Veiko Ounpuu
After losing his job over an uncouth review of Tree of Life (the high point of the picture), a twentysomething film critic turns his attentions to spiraling downward as quickly and disruptively as possible. Those with an aversion to hipsters ...

From Neurons to Nirvana: The Great Medicines

U.S. Premiere | Canada | United Kingdom | 108 minm | Oliver Hockenhull
A documentary about MDMA, LSD, and other psychedelics, and the increasing number of scientists and physicians who are beginning to advocate for their therapeutic value in treating people suffering from depression, PTSD, and other ailments.

FutureWave Shorts / Best of NFFTY

80 minm
Short films by young'uns—filmmakers 19 years old and younger!

Futuro Beach

U.S. Premiere | Brazil | Germany | 106 minm | Karim Aïnouz
This movie combines motorcycle racing and gay romance, is set in Brazil and Germany, and features the David Bowie anthem “Heroes.” And still you want more? Okay. Variety calls it a “spare but sensually saturated story of lives lost and ...


Canada | 102 minm | Louise Archambault
Things start to go downhill for a talented musician with a rare genetic condition when her sister moves away and her beau's mother objects to their new relationship.

Garden Lovers

U.S. Premiere | Finland | 72 minm | Virpi Suutari
One man stays naked for the duration of this documentary about Finnish couples taking care of their gardens, even when his kids are around, even when he’s arguing with his husband. It’s a slow-paced movie, but a delicate and hilarious ...

The Geographer Drank His Globe Away

Russia | 120 minm | Alexander Veledinsky
An unorthodox middle-aged teacher promises to take his best students on a rafting trip if they get good grades. It sounds like a Russian version of Dead Poet’s Society, on a river.


Canada | 90 minm | Bruce LaBruce
Does the thought of an elderly person and young person kissing and making tender love gross you out? Do you have some kind of knee-jerk objection to it? If you answered yes to either, watch the latest film by Canadian ...


U.S. Premiere | Ireland | 90 minm | Niall Heery
Confession: My single favorite thing about Gold was watching Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) be a regular teenager. She swears, makes stupid decisions, even gives the silent treatment—and it’s delightful. Williams stars as Abby, a long-distance runner ...

Grand Central

Austria | France | 94 minm | Rebecca Zlotowski
You know all those 1970s dramas that focused on a subculture in such a detail-obsessed, journalistic way that they felt almost like journalism with a patina of fiction slathered on top? Turns out they didn’t disappear, they just moved to ...

The Great Museum

Austria | 94 minm | Johannes Holzhausen
Austrian director Johannes Holzhausen takes an unconventional, nonlinear approach to documenting Vienna’s 1891 Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Museum of Fine Arts) as it is renovated, including some profanity from an unhappy restoration expert, which all sounds awesome.


U.S. Premiere | Australia | 119 minm | Craig Monahan
After finding an eagle tangled in a barbed-wire fence, a corrections officer (Hugo Weaving) at an Australian low-security prison-farm decides to start a program to help injured raptors. One formerly withdrawn longtime prisoner takes an interest in working with the ...

Helicopter Mom

World Premiere | USA | 100 minm | Salomé Breziner
A comedy about an overbearing mom (Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) who seems convinced that her son is gay and tries to be a little too supportive, setting him up on dates with boys, “outing” him to ...


USA | 98 minm | Kat Candler
Reeling from the recent death of his mother, dirt-poor East Texas kid Jacob dreams of becoming a professional dirt-bike racer, as he struggles with relentless anger issues that threaten to send him to juvie, plus an alcoholic father (Breaking Bad’s ...

History of Fear

Argentina | France | Germany | Uruguay | 79 minm | Benjamín Naishtat
People who live in a gated community near Buenos Aires are starting to freak out. Strange things are happening around them (burglar alarms going off, ground beginning to smolder, electricity switching on and off), and they find a hole in ...


Sweden | 97 minm | Lisa Langseth
Would you run away with your group therapy crew? Erika is pushed by her partner to go to therapy after a traumatic birth experience results in a deep depression that rips her life apart. Everyone in the group seems like ...

House of Magic 3-D

France | 82 minm | Ben Stassen, Jeremy Degruson
When a retired magician winds up in the hospital, it’s up to his animal friends to save his mansion from a real-estate agent who wants to turn it into a mansion. This 3-D French cartoon is recommended for ages 6 ...

Human Capital

France | Italy | 110 minm | Paolo Virzí
An Italian thriller told in three chapters with a car crash at the center that entangles the lives of three families.

I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

USA | 90 minm | Dave LaMattina, Chad Walker
Right off the bat, you should know that this Kickstarter-funded documentary about the man who brings life to Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch is simply not as moving as Being Elmo. It’s not as well constructed, either. But if ...

I Origins

USA | 113 minm | Mike Cahill
A scientist studying eye evolution (played by Michael “Not Brad” Pitt) discovers Something Really Significant that makes him question all of his beliefs about the world and God and stuff. There is also a mysterious eye-based romance storyline.

Ignasi M.

Spain | 85 minm | Ventura Pons
You know how sometimes someone is such a character—a smart, funny conversationalist—that people always say, “Someone should make a documentary about you”? This is what happens when someone makes that documentary. Ignasi Millet is a Catalan museum expert, an out ...

In Order of Disappearance

Norway | 116 minm | Hans Petter Moland
In what's being hailed as a crime thriller that would do boffo box office if it were in English, this high-production dark comedy from Norway stars Stellan Skarsgaard as a gentle snowplow driver whose son's death turns him into, basically, ...

International Male

87 minm
This series about gay men seems to have left very little electronic trace of itself, though that could have something to do with the fact that it shares a name with International Male, the famous mail-order clothing catalogue beloved by ...


USA | 100 minm | Andrew Disney
A bro comedy about a fifth-year senior reassembling his intramural football team. Sports movie clichés are abundantly parodied. Indiewire says, "There's dumb, there's dumber, and then there's Intramural, a good-time jerkoff fest that should appeal primarily to the viral video ...


South Korea | 99 minm | Noh Young-seok
A writer heads to a mountaintop cabin for solitude while he works through his writer’s block, but all he finds is poachers, partying skiers, and a murdered body.

It's Only Make Believe

Norway | 91 minm | Arild Østin Ommundsen
After a botched robbery, a young pregnant woman finds herself sentenced to prison for a decade in this Norwegian crime drama. On her release, the woman tries to reconnect with her daughter. But old friends (and a couple scary enemies) ...