The Seattle International Film Festival 2019 runs from May 16–June 9. See details on all the films here, and find out about parties here.

SIFF 2019 Films

Jean-Paul Gaultier: Freak and Chic

U.S. Premiere | France | 2019 | 100m | Yann L’Hénoret
Stranger Says: If you love The Fifth Element, there’s probably a soft spot in your heart for Jean-Paul Gaultier. The designer and provocateur, known as the “enfant terrible” of fashion, creates singular garments that blur the lines between sci-fi, ...

Jim Allison: Breakthrough

USA | 2019 | 89m | Bill Haney
Perhaps the only Nobel Prize winner in Medicine to have played harmonica with Willie Nelson, James Allison and his innovative research into using the body’s own immune system to fight cancer are the center of this in-depth documentary.


USA | 2019 | 81m | David Hambridge
Stranger Says: Ever wonder what it’s like to work as a rhino caretaker? This film follows the rangers who care for the only three northern white rhinos left in the world: Sudan, his daughter Najin, and his granddaughter Fatu. ...

Koko-di Koko-da

Sweden | 2019 | 85m | Johannes Nyholm
A GROUNDHOG DAY-esque tale gone horribly wrong as two grief-stricken parents, out on a camping trip to mend their marriage, are repeatedly terrorized by a psychopathic sideshow artist and his monstrous assistants.

Le Chocolat de H

Japan | 2019 | 84m | Takashi Watanabe
Think of chocolate-producing nations, and Japan may not spring to mind—but one award-winning patissier seeks to expand its possibilities by incorporating traditional Japanese ingredients in this mouth-watering doc.

The Legend of the Stardust Brothers

Japan | 1985 | 100m | Macoto Tezuka
Stranger Says: This is one of my favorite cult films of all time. Originally a big flop in Japan, this colorful musical biopic of a fictional new-wave duo in 1980s-era Tokyo has slowly made a comeback, now touring the ...

Lest We Forget

World Premiere | Germany | 2019 | 85m | Luigi Toscano
In this remembrance project based on a traveling photo exhibition for public spaces, photographer and filmmaker Luigi Toscano spends a whole year meeting with hundreds of Holocaust survivors around the world to share their stories.

Little Tickles

France | 2018 | 103m | Andréa Bescond
A young woman's present (as a self-destructive dancer) and past (as a victim of sexual abuse) interact in this film based on writer/director Andrea Bescond's autobiographical solo stage show.

Lives with Flavor: Monica Patiño & Carlos Gaytán

U.S. Premiere | Mexico | 2019 | 94m | Ruth Zachs Babani
Ruth Zachs Babani and Pablo Gasca Gollás’ documentary series spotlighting world-renowned Mexican chefs continues with looks at restaurateur and TV host Monica Patiño (World Premiere, 47 min) and Chicago-based Michelin Star-earner Carlos Gaytán (US Premiere, 47 min).

The Long Haul: The Story of the Buckaroos

World Premiere | USA | 2019 | 84m | Amy Enser
Seattle’s all-male, country-Western-themed, slightly parodistic burlesque dance troupe uncovers their secrets and bares their souls (and plenty else) in this up-tempo doc.

Long Time No Sea

Taiwan | 2018 | 97m | Heather Tsui
In this box-office smash from Taiwan, a young island boy yearning to see his father again and a rookie teacher come together to train for an Indigenous dance competition that will bring them closer to their dreams.

Lynch: A History

World Premiere | USA | 2019 | 85m | David Shields
A mesmerizing video collage rather than a traditional doc, this portrait of heroically controversial ex-Seahawk Marshawn Lynch focuses on his narrative-controlling interview strategies in the context of race and media celebrity in America.


United Kingdom | 2018 | 93m | Alex Holmes
Back in 1989, this doc shows us, sexism proved no less a challenge than the elements for Tracy Edwards and her pathbreaking yachters, the first all-female crew to attempt the nine-month Whitbread Around the World regatta.

Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story

Canada | 2018 | 73m | Don Metz
The first black inductee into the Hockey Hall of Fame and the greatest NHL goalie ever (unless you disagree with Wayne Gretzky), Grant Fuhr nevertheless had some demons, and this doc recounts both aspects of his career.

The Man Who Bought the Moon

Italy | 2018 | 103m | Paolo Zucca
Lovers in romantic comedies always promise each other the moon, but a Sardinian fisherman somehow actually acquired it--and now an American agent must pass as a Sardinian, track him down, and figure out how.

The Man Who Surprised Everyone

Russia | 2018 | 105m | Natasha Merkulova
Diagnosed with cancer, a Siberian man, inspired by an ancient folk tale, tries to fool death by adopting a new identity—one that leads to ostracism and violence from the others in his village.


Brazil | 2019 | 155m | Wagner Moura
The recent re-ascendance of extreme-right politics in Brazil has made this brutal biopic of Marxist activist Carlos Marighella (Seu Jorge, the Bowie-playing guitarist in THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU) suddenly even more timely.

Meeting Gorbachev

United Kingdom | 2018 | 91m | Werner Herzog
Stranger Says: "Mikhail Sergeyevich, please allow me to explain myself," says Werner Herzog. "I am a German, and the first German that you probably met wanted to kill you." So begins Herzog's affecting documentary about Mikhail Gorbachev, built chiefly ...

MEMORY - The Origins of Alien

USA | 2019 | 93m | Alexandre O. Philippe
Ridley Scott's 1979 sci/fi-horror classic gave us two indelible icons: the hypercompetent blue-collar badass Ellen Ripley and the ever-morphing phallic monster xenomorph. Alexandre O. Philippe's documentaries delve into the film's cultural background, from EC Comics to H.P. Lovecraft to screenwriter ...

The Mercy of the Jungle

Belgium | 2018 | 91m | Joël Karekezi
A harrowing story of endurance and forgiveness as two Rwandan soldiers during the Second Congo War struggle to survive the harsh and unforgiving jungle when they get separated from their battalion.

Metal Heart

Ireland | 2018 | 88m | Hugh O'Conor
A completely charming teen coming-of-age story about estranged fraternal twin sisters—one a goth metal girl, the other a sunny popular girl—home alone for their last summer together before adulthood beckons.

Mickey and the Bear

USA | 2019 | 87m | Annabelle Attanasio
In the small town of Anaconda, Montana, headstrong teen Mickey (Camila Morrone, SIFF 2018’s NEVER GOIN’ BACK) must choose between a possible life of freedom and caring for her addict, veteran father.

Midnight Family

Mexico | 2019 | 81m | Luke Lorentzen
Hop in an ambulance with Mexico City’s Ochoa family, a group of civilians who run a private EMT service in a bustling city sorely underserved by the government’s limited medical resources.

Midnight Traveler

USA | 2019 | 87m | Hassan Fazili
After receiving death threats from the Taliban, an Afghan filmmaker and his family document--on their cellphones--their own journey searching for asylum in eastern Europe.

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

USA | 2019 | 115m | Stanley Nelson
Stranger Says: Miles Davis was one of the greatest musicians ever. He was also a nasty motherfucker. Stanley Nelson’s documentary Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool pivots on these two immutable elements of the jazz trumpeter’s existence with a ...

Minuscule - Mandibles From Far Away

France | 2018 | 92m | Thomas Szabo
Stranger Says: The second Miniscule movie is gorgeously animated (combining live-action photography with 3D animation to striking results) and features nary a lick of dialogue, which means watching a foreign film without having to read subtitles. Its main characters ...

Miriam Lies

Dominican Republic | 2018 | 90m | Natalia Cabral
Preparations for biracial teen Miriam’s birthday get complicated when her online suitor—and assumed quinceañera date—turns out to be black, driving a series of tales and cover-ups against the backdrop of a deeply segregated society.


Colombia | 2019 | 102m | Alejandro Landes
Stranger Says: This is one strange beast of a movie. Set in the fog-enshrouded mountains of Colombia, the action centers on the scrappy, Lord of the Flies–like members of a guerrilla operation called The Organization. When they aren’t dancing ...


Canada | 2018 | 91m | Patricia Rozema
Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava not only wrote the play Patricia Rozema’s film expands on, they star in it, playing two aspects of one character—a woman struggling to write a eulogy for the mother she clashed with.

Ms. Purple

USA | 2019 | 87m | Justin Chon
In the latest from writer/director Justin Chon (SIFF 2017’s GOOK), a Koreatown karaoke hostess and her estranged brother are forced to reconnect as their bedridden father’s health takes a turn for the worse.

N. Scott Momaday: Words from a Bear

USA | 2019 | 84m | Jeffrey Palmer
This profile of Kiowa author Navarro Scott Momaday, 50 years after his Pulitzer Prize win, focuses on both his place in American literature and his role in keeping Native American oral tradition alive.

The Nightingale

Australia | 2018 | 136m | Jennifer Kent
Stranger Says: In 19th-century Tasmania, a young Irish woman and an Aboriginal tracker, united in hatred and a need for vengeance, pursue the British soldiers who committed vile deeds against them. The onslaught of sexual violence and brutality in ...

Nightmare Cinema

USA | 2018 | 119m | Joe Dante
Stranger Says: Mickey O’Rourke presides over this anthology outing, playing a projectionist who screens films that mirror the spectators’ innermost fears inside a rundown cinema. Horror anthologies can be fun (see V/H/S and the Masters of Horror series), but ...

No. 1 Chung Ying Street

U.S. Premiere | Hong Kong | 2018 | 118m | Derek Chiu
The title thoroughfare divides Hong Kong from Mainland China, and this drama similarly links two upheavals in the colony's history: the pro-Communist, anti-British riots of 1967 and the anti-China "Umbrella Revolution" of 2014.


France | 2018 | 108m | Olivier Assayas
Stranger Says: Starring Juliette Binoche and Guillaume Canet, Non-Fiction tells the story of a Parisian writer who blurs the line between fact and fiction by drawing on his real-life love affairs in his incendiary new novel, setting off a ...

Official Secrets

USA | 2019 | 112m | Gavin Hood
Stranger Says: After catching wind of a plot to lie Britain into war with Iraq, a reluctant whistleblower (Keira Knightley) finds her freedoms rapidly slipping away. Gavin Hood's firmly buttoned-up drama strictly follows the based-on-actual-events playbook, right down to ...

Olympic Dreams

USA | 2019 | 83m | Jeremy Teicher
Shot on location during the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Nick Kroll and co-writer Alexi Pappas (herself a former Olympian) star in this charming romantic comedy about a volunteer dentist and a competing cross-country skier who meet cute at Athlete Village.

One Child Nation

China | 2019 | 85m | Nanfu Wang
Director Nanfu Wang explores the horrific effects of China's one-child policy (1979-2015)—botched sterilizations and institutional sexism, to name only two—on both her country and her own family.

One Day

Hungary | 2018 | 99m | Zsófia Szilágyi
With almost documentary realism, this drama covers 36 hours in the life of a harried mother whose quotidian frustrations are intensified when she suspects her husband of adultery.

One Last Deal

Finland | 2018 | 95m | Klaus Härö
An elderly art dealer wants to both save his business and repair his relationship with his daughter and grandson, and a lost Russian masterpiece could help him do both—if he can prove the picture’s provenance.

One, Two, Three

USA | 1961 | 110m | Billy Wilder
James Cagney stars as a high-ranking Coca-Cola executive in West Berlin assigned to take care of his boss’ flighty 17-year-old daughter in Billy Wilder’s uproarious Cold War satire on American cultural imperialism.

Orange Days

Iran | 2018 | 102m | Arash Lahooti
Stranger Says: This superb Iranian film illuminates the raw reality of Iranian capitalism. And yes, Iran is a capitalist society, and so many of the problems that define this economic system in the US and Europe (class struggle, for ...


Germany | 2019 | 100m | Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay
During an argument, a young Muslim man in Germany accidentally divorces his wife by uttering the word "talaq" three times; as a result, his love for her, though unchanged, now conflicts with his faith.

Our Bodies Our Doctors

USA | 2019 | 78m | Jan Haaken
Stranger Says: Nearly half a century after the US Supreme Court legalized abortion, the access to actually getting one is continually shrinking. But at the same time that states all across the US are making it harder, if not ...


France | 2019 | 72m | Juan Antin
Stranger Says: Named for the earth/fertility goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes, Juan Antin’s César-nominated animated adventure follows two precocious youths and their trusty animal companions from a small Peruvian village at the edge of the ...

Palace for the People

Bulgaria | 2018 | 90m | Georgi Bogdanov
This one’s for the architecture buffs: a fascinating and delightful look at the histories, hidden secrets, and current occupants of five monumental Communist state buildings, all built during the height of The Communist era.

Patrinell: The Total Experience

World Premiere | USA | 2019 | 94m | Andrew Elizaga
Stranger Says: With the public primed by Amazing Grace, the documentary about the making of Aretha Franklin’s 1972 gospel album, it’s a propitious time to view Patrinell: The Total Experience. Reverend Patrinell Staten Wright is the closest thing Seattle ...


Cyprus | 2018 | 95m | Tonia Mishiali
Stranger Says: After a fateful encounter at the doctor’s office, a long-suffering Mediterranean housewife finds herself bombarded by visions of a life without her boorish husband. Said daydreams rarely end peacefully. Tonia Mishiali’s absorbingly odd directorial debut keeps the ...


USA | 2019 | 114m | Ron Howard
One of the few classical performers to attain household-name status, Luciano Pavarotti’s life and career as the world’s most popular operatic tenor is explored in this doc by Ron Howard.

The Phantom of the Opera with live soundtrack by The Invincible Czars

USA | 1925 | 93m | Rupert Julian
Indie band The Invincible Czars, who have provided music for SIFF screenings of NOSFERATU and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, return to perform a live soundtrack to this gothic horror classic.

Piazzolla, The Years of the Shark

Argentina | 2018 | 90m | Daniel Rosenfeld
Stranger Says: Astor Piazzolla was a genius bandoneon player (the instrument looks like an accordion) who caught tons of flak for revolutionizing tango with gestures from jazz and classical composition. Sort of like what A Tribe Called Quest did ...

Pigeon Kings

World Premiere | USA | 2019 | 81m | Milena Pastreich
An avian equivalent of the Blue Angels, pigeons can skillfully somersault in flight—and, amazingly, there’s a subculture of men in South Central L.A. devoted to the phenomenon as a competitive sport.


Italy | 2019 | 110m | Claudio Giovannesi
A harrowing tale of gang violence, based on the novel by Roberto Saviano (GOMORRAH), that tracks a naïve group of teens as they enter the ferocious and unforgiving world of Neapolitan organized crime.

Pity the Lovers

Sweden | 2019 | 102m | Maximilian Hult
Two unlucky-in-love brothers, a veterinarian, a conceptual artist, and two goth 13-year-olds named Danni are just a few of the characters that makes up the ensemble of this charming Icelandic film about longing, love, and growing up.


USA | 2019 | 89m | Rashaad Ernesto Green
In this Harlem-set drama, college-bound Ayanna (co-writer Zora Howard) begins a tender romance with a handsome music producer, only to learn the limits of a man’s adoration and the hazards of burning too bright too young.

Putin’s Witnesses

Latvia | 2018 | 102m | Vitaly Mansky
Stranger Says: The United States of America elected its first dictator in 2016. Since Trump took office, he's wielded power with all the cunning and foresight of a racist, rampaging baby. But imagine if he actually wanted the job. ...

Q Ball

USA | 2019 | 97m | Michael Tolajian
Stranger Says: With Tucker Carlson’s rep, you’d think a film from Fox would want to demonize black and brown inmates, but this documentary does just the opposite. The San Quentin Warriors, an all-inmate team in one of America’s most ...

Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins

USA | 2019 | 91m | Janice Engel
Stranger Says: Did you know one of George W. Bush’s most ardent critics was a journalist from his own state? Molly Ivins was the loudest liberal voice covering the Texas legislature. She eventually followed the Bush clan from the ...

Rémi, Nobody’s Boy

France | 2018 | 104m | Antoine Blossier
The adventures and perils of young orphan Rémi and a traveling showman as they journey through 19th-century France, with a showdog and acrobatic monkey in tow, in this adaptation of Hector Malot’s classic 1878 novel.

The Realm

Spain | 2018 | 121m | Rodrigo Sorogoyen
When a corrupt politician is made a scapegoat by his fellow colleagues, he must race against time to avoid prison by playing the system, leading to a desperate realization about the corruption he helped maintain, in this pulse-pounding new thriller.


Israel | 2018 | 104m | Boaz Yehonaton Yacov
To cover his young daughter's medical bills, single father Menachem gets his rock band back together, even though the temptations of the musical life conflict with his devout Hasidic faith.


U.S. Premiere | Netherlands | 2018 | 101m | Esther Rots
A nonlinear storyline—resembling the messy memories of the protagonist, who works at a domestic-violence clinic—intensifies this thriller exploring safety and danger, manipulation and sanity, friendship and enabling.

Roll Red Roll

USA | 2019 | 80m | Nancy Schwartzman
Stranger Says: Steubenville, Ohio, is synonymous with two things these days: high-school football and sexual assault. They go hand in hand. There’s a line in Roll Red Roll, Nancy Schwartzman’s documentary about the 2012 Steubenville rape case, that goes ...

Running with Beto

USA | 2019 | 95m | David Modigliani
Stranger Says: Beto O'Rourke made headlines for challenging Ted Cruz during his 2018 senatorial campaign. Independent filmmaker David Modigliani was embedded with O'Rourke during the last 12 months of the Texan's unsuccessful—but widely mediatized—campaign. The film focuses not only ...


Turkey | 2018 | 102m | Ali Vatansever
As gentrification hits Istanbul, one desperate young resident must decide whether to take a job with the same construction crew that's ripping up his neighborhood. The Syrian refugees also living there complicate the question.


Belgium | 2018 | 81m | Ben Asamoah
Experience the other side of internet dating site scams and the economic ramifications that drive those who participate, seen through the eyes of a group of unemployed Ghanaian youth who defraud Westerners.


France | 2018 | 99m | Camille Vidal-Naquet
A young Strasbourg hustler is content to transgress many social norms--though he never stops seeking tenderness and affection--in this graphic and provocative, moody, and intimate character study.

Secret 2019

The Secret Festival is genuinely top-secret, and for good reason: "because we show films that we are not supposed to show, films that have legal issues and cannot be publicly screened, films that have been promised to premiere at festivals ...

Sew the Winter to My Skin

South Africa | 2018 | 131m | Jahmil X.T. Qubeka
A minimal use of dialogue, but stunning panoramic visuals, spins the moody, time-shifting tale of sheep rustler John Kepe, a legendary Robin Hood-like rogue hero in pre-apartheid South Africa.

Sgaawaay K’uuna (Edge of the Knife)

Canada | 2018 | 100m | Gwaai Edenshaw
On a remote Canadian island, a nobleman retreats to the wilderness and spirals into insanity after accidentally killing his best friend’s son. Crafted by an all-Indigenous cast and crew, this is the first film ever made in the endangered Haida ...

The Sharks

Uruguay | 2019 | 80m | Lucía Garibaldi
Not only are sharks menacing 14-year-old Rosina's sleepy Uruguayan beach town, sexual awakening and unrequited romantic interest are menacing her—and it's anyone's guess which will prove more dangerous.

Shut Up and Play the Piano

Germany | 2018 | 82m | Philipp Jedicke
Canadian art-punk musician Chilly Gonzales, whose work runs the gamut from electro-rap to classical piano, gets the biography treatment in this documentary that combines energetic performances, playful dramatizations, and interviews with contemporaries such as Peaches, Leslie Feist, and Jarvis Cocker.


Turkey | 2018 | 95m | Çağla Zencirci
In a remote Turkish mountain village, the pressure to conform is as menacing as the wolf prowling the surrounding forest; a daring young woman, ostracized for being mute, must confront both threats.

Sink or Swim

France | 2018 | 122m | Gilles Lellouche
The charismatic French actor and director Mathieu Amalric plays an angsty middle-aged guy who puts together an all-male synchronized swim team in this comedy by Gilles Lellouche. The film was nominated for three Césars (the French equivalent of the Oscars). ...

Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story

USA | 2019 | 90m | Patrick Creadon
A heartfelt look at the extraordinary life and career of the late, legendary filmmaker Warren Miller—a driving force in the development and promotion of the world’s ski and snowboarding industry—through archival footage and one final interview with the world-famous entrepreneur.


Brazil | 2018 | 71m | Alexandre Moratto
At-risk Brazilian youth collaborated with director Alexandre Moratto on this no-punches-pulled drama about a homeless, family-less teen struggling to get by in São Paulo's ghetto.

Sonja - The White Swan

Norway | 2019 | 114m | Anne Sewitsky
Despite her sugar-sweet image in several kitschy pre-WWII Hollywood musicals, in real life Norwegian skating star Sonja Henie was… difficult. A monster, in fact, who palled around with Goebbels, as this splashy biopic shows.

Sons of Denmark

Denmark | 2019 | 117m | Ulaa Salim
A powerful, stylish spec-fic thriller set in the not-so-far-off year of 2025, portraying the rise of an anti-immigrant, ultra-nationalist political party in Denmark and the underground organization dedicated to stopping it.

The Sound of Silence

USA | 2019 | 87m | Michael Tyburski
Not a doc about Simon & Garfunkel: Peter Sarsgaard plays a “house tuner”—a sort of domestic sonic therapist—attempting to find the source of Rashida Jones’ malaise in this quiet, offbeat drama.


Germany | 1928 | 150m | Fritz Lang
Fritz Lang and his wife Thea von Harbou co-wrote this Weimar Germany espionage thriller, his penultimate silent film, about the scalding-hot romance between a beautiful Russian spy and the headstrong British secret agent assigned to take down her organization.


2018 | 114m | Storm Saulter
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith executive produced this dynamic and uplifting coming-of-age portrait of a Rastafarian teenager dedicated to joining the national youth track team for the World Youth Championships.

Stories of Us: Camp Second Chance

World Premiere | USA | 2019 | 50m | Melinda Raebyne
Director Melinda Raebyne embeds herself at one of Seattle’s homeless camps over one winter, challenging public ignorance and humanizing a population that locals would rather neglect.

Storm in My Heart

USA | 2018 | 117m | Mark Cousins
Despite the many curious similarities between Susan Hayward and Lena Horne—both were born in Brooklyn on exactly the same day, for example—one detail set their careers on very different paths. This doc examines their parallel lives.

Stray Dolls

USA | 2019 | 97m | Sonejuhi Sinha
A South Asian immigrant new to America takes a job at a seedy motel, only for the guests, employees, and her deceitful boss (Cynthia Nixon) to pull her into a world of crime that spirals out of control.


Canada | 2019 | 85m | Erin Derham
Stranger Says: This is one of those documentaries where you don’t think you’re that interested in the subject matter, and maybe the whole thing seems sort of morbid, but then it ends up being really fascinating and you learn ...

Sune vs. Sune

Sweden | 2018 | 89m | Jon Holmberg
The Swedish family of 10-year-old Sune is facing all kinds of comic problems: job threats, the pressure of keeping up with the Jonssons--and (worst of all) a popular new kid in class also named Sune!

Support The Girls

USA | 2018 | 91m | Andrew Bujalski
Stranger Says: Before there was mumble rap, there was mumblecore, and many believe that Andrew Bujalski’s debut film, Funny Ha Ha, is the first film in this genre, which produced many boring films but also launched the careers of ...

The Sweet Requiem

India | 2018 | 93m | Ritu Sarin
The harsh but stunning Himalayan scenery is unforgettable in this story of a young Tibetan living in a refugee community in India who is forced to face again the trauma of her treacherous tramontane journey.

Swinging Safari

Australia | 2018 | 97m | Stephan Elliott
Stranger Says: Few countries have a knack for tales of the tacky quite like Australia, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert director Stephan Elliott’s semiautobiographical outing is an explosion of polyester and lacquered hair. In Wonder ...

Sword of Trust

USA | 2019 | 89m | Lynn Shelton
Stranger Says: Lynn Shelton is the first local filmmaker to open the Seattle International Film Festival twice. Her last film to kick off SIFF, Your Sister’s Sister, back in 2012, starred Emily Blunt and was set in the San ...

Take It or Leave It

Estonia | 2018 | 102m | Liina Trišhkina-Vanhatalo
Stranger Says: This Estonian story follows a man who’s thrust into unexpected fatherhood and his struggle to be seen as a capable parent. Erik is a peripatetic construction worker and an immature hothead. His ex-girlfriend calls unexpectedly to tell ...

Tel Aviv on Fire

Luxembourg | 2018 | 97m | Sameh Zoabi
Set in 1967, against the backdrop of the time before the Six-Day War, Sameh Zoabi's comedy follows a lowly production assistant on a Palestinian soap opera whose chance encounter with an enthusiastic Israeli checkpoint commander begins to shape his own ...


Guatemala | 2019 | 107m | Jayro Bustamante
Earthquakes are the central metaphor in this drama as a just-out gay man faces brutal pressure to conform from his family and from the church in intensely Catholic Guatemala.

Ten Years Thailand

Hong Kong | 2018 | 93m | Aditya Assarat
Four Thai directors imagine their conformist, military-ruled nation a decade from now in visions surreal, satirical, and dystopian.

Them That Follow

USA | 2019 | 98m | Britt Poulton
A young woman who belongs to an Appalachian snake-handling cult must hide her pregnancy and forbidden relationship from her community and preacher father.

Thin Skin Event

USA | 90m | Charles Mudede
Sneak-peek short excerpt from Seattle filmmaker and author Charles Mudede’s upcoming feature THIN SKIN. The excerpt will be followed by an on-stage interview with the creative team about the process of turning a true story into a feature film, with ...