Social Justice Film Festival Films

East of Salinas

USA | 2016 | 72m | Laura Pacheco
An undocumented boy born in Mexico and living in Texas wants to be an engineer when he grows up, but there are so many obstacles in his future, and his present is full of risks. Screens with the short films ...

The Good Mind

USA | 2016 | 66m | Gwendolen Cates
The Onondaga of New York demand respect and redress for the theft of their land. Screens with "What Makes Black People Black?" (USA, 7m) and "Local Treasure" (USA, 20m).

Goodwin's Way

Canada | 2016 | 56m
In 1918, English labor activist Ginger Goodwin was shot down in British Columbia, and the city of Vancouver responded with a general strike. Now, in the same region, residents rebel against a proposed coal mine. Screens with "The Real Work" ...

Here's to Flint

USA | 2016 | 45m | Kate Levy
Flint, Michigan has become synonymous with a failure of civic leadership to ensure public safety. This documentary examines what led up to the poisoning of the largely African American city, and, on a larger scale, how lack of funding in ...

If I See You I'll Say Hi

Netherlands | 2015 | 55m | Julia Roeselers
A young woman was robbed at knifepoint by her teenage neighbor. This is her film about what came next. Screens with four short films about Thai fishers, the abuses of the clothing industry, and other subjects.

In Our Son's Name

USA | 2015 | 64m | Gayla Jamison
A couple who lost their son on September 11, 2001 makes an extraordinary connection with the mother of Zacarias Moussaoui, and go on to meet others dealing with grief or the need for forgiveness. Screens with "Tadaima" (USA, 15m) and ...


USA | 2016 | 92m | Maisie Crow
There's only one abortion clinic left in Jackson, Mississippi, and it's a target for protestors and politicians. Learn what's at stake through the stories of three women. Screens with a 20-minute excerpt from the work in progress "Personhood."

Katarina Taikon

Sweden | 90m | Gellert Tamas
Learn about the life of a Roma poet who began to read in her twenties and became a celebrated children's book author in Sweden. Screens with "Right to Be Rescued" (USA, 15m).

Kidnap Capital

USA | 2016 | 93m | Felipe Rodriguez
Undocumented immigrants try to escape an Arizona warehouse where they are being tortured and held for ransom. This film is based, unfortunately, on true events. Screens with "An Education" (USA, 11m).


USA | 2014 | 72m | Ali Akbarzadeh
This documentary on internet freedom and the NSA features Aaron Swartz and Edward Snowden. Screens with "Divestment Victory at Columbia" (USA, 11m), "Invisibility" (Australia, 3m), and "Climb to Justice" (USA, 14m).

La Troisième Langue

Israel | Palestine | Switzerland | 84m | Benno Hungerbühler
A Swiss Jewish teacher leads a theater project with Arab and Jewish teenagers in Israel. Screens with "Film Forever" (USA, 4m) and "Truth Seekers" (USA, 21m).

Milwaukee 53206

USA | 2016 | 52m | Keith McQuirter
This documentary explores the lives of imprisoned African Americans and their families in a district of Milwaukee where a staggering 62% of the adult male population has been incarcerated at some point. Screens with "Mothering Inside" (USA, 29m) and "A ...

Promised Land

United States | 2016 | 98m | Vasant Salcedo
The Duwamish and the Chinook fight for their treaty rights in the Pacific Northwest. Screens with the short film "Safe Passage." Promised Land is a social justice documentary that follows two tribes in the Pacific Northwest: the Duwamish and the ...

Scene Queen

USA | 2016 | 70m | Janet Harvey
A teenager tries to find acceptance among girls who post videos of themselves fighting on the internet. Screens with "I Am a #YoungWorker" (USA, 5m).

Shorts Program: Refuge and Recovery

France | Germany | Greece | Pakistan | UK | USA | 120m
Through fiction and documentary, the Seattle Social Justice Festival's shorts program offers snapshots on environmental rights, LGBTQ struggles, refugee issues, and other pressing challenges.


USA | 2016 | 110m | Alexander Stockton
A man who has lived in the United States almost his whole life is deported back to Mexico. Will he stay or make another dangerous, clandestine crossing? Screens with "Hoppla!" (USA, 22m).

Zona Intangible

USA | 2016 | 77m | Ann Hedreen
A clinic for a refugee city in Peru is in its 13th year and still going strong.