Translations, Three Dollar Bill Cinema's 12th annual festival highlighting more than 70 films and artists from around the world that explore transgender experiences, will run from May 4-14, 2017.

Translations 2017 Films

Apricot Groves

Armenia | 2016 | 80m | Pouria Heidary Oureh
Iranian-Armenian Aram leaves his adopted home in the US to propose to Narbeh, his Armenian girlfriend. But cultural and familial conflicts await the young trans man. This beautifully scored film set in Yerevan has garnered nominations and wins from worldwide ...

Cold Breath

Iran | 2016 | 84m | Abbas Raziji
Maryam's life is a constant struggle to provide for her two children. In her desperation, she must ask others for help. But that means revealing certain things about herself and her history

Criminal Queers

United States | 2016 | 65m | Chris Vargas
When a trans woman of color named Lucy is wrongfully incarcerated, her friends Yoshi and Joy decide they have no option but to bust her out. This DIY ode to queer freedom and self-determination features cameos by Angela Davis, Miss ...


United States | 2016 | 91m | Derek Hallquist
The filmmaker's father is an electric utility CEO campaigning to take on global warming with cleaner energy. Derek Hallquist initially aims to portray his father David's political struggle, but stumbles on a secret that suddenly makes the film much more ...

Desire Will Set You Free

Germany | 2015 | 92m | Yony Leyser
This film dives into Berlin's queer, alternative expat scene with a touch of cinema verité and a lot of drag and variety performances. It tells the story of Ezra, a young American of Israeli and Palestinian heritage, and his hustler/artist ...

Die Beautiful

Philippines | 2016 | 120m | Jun Lana
Beauty queen Trisha dies suddenly, leaving her best friend Barb to carry out her final wish: To be dressed as a different celebrity every night of her wake. But Barb must fight Trisha's conservative family, who want her buried as ...

Finding Kim

USA | 2016 | 83m | Aaron Bear
A transgender man makes his transition in Seattle, as filmed by local director Aaron Bear. With appearance by Buck Angel, Carmen Carrera, Calpernia Adams, and Dan Savage.

Free CeCe!

United States | 2016 | 85m | Jacqueline Gares
CeCe MacDonald is an African American transwoman who was imprisoned in a men's jail after fighting back in a street attack. This film tells the story of the campaign to liberate her and respect her gender identity. Featuring Laverne Cox. ...

Given & Chosen: Shorts

These trans-centered short films explore the idea of families: The ones we're given and the ones we choose. Meet a Mexican immigrant trans woman, a teenager resisting efforts to change her identity through prayer and therapy, a queer person in ...

Gloria and Grace

Brazil | 2016 | 94m | Flávio R. Tambellini
Two estranged sisters are forced to reconnect when one, single mother Graça, finds out that she has a potentially fatal brain aneurysm. Graça knew her sibling as Luiz Carlos, but now she must reconcile with Gloria. Her sister is a ...

Growing Up Coy

United States | 2016 | 86m | Eric Juhola
Coy is six years old, a Girl Scout, and a Wonder Woman fan. She transitioned at the age of five, and everything went fine—until the principal of her school stopped allowing her to use the girls' bathroom. Her parents have ...

Guru: A Hijra Family

U.S. Premiere | Belgium | 2016 | 76m | Laurie Colson
Hijras, who are trans women (or people of a "third gender"), gather in a family group and resist outside oppression in southern India, led by their guru Lakshmi Ma.

Intertwined: Shorts

These short films explore trans lives in their wider context. The protagonists include an opera singer, a visual artist with a disability, an undocumented immigrant, a tattoo shop owner, and a Korean adoptee.

Just a Normal Person

Sweden | 2015 | 58m | Malin Björkman-Widell
The "normal person" in this documentary (which is entitled in Swedish En Vanlig Fucking Människa, "A Normal Fucking Person") is Sam, a young man who transitioned early but still feels frustrated explaining and justifying his gender after so much time. ...

Laverne Cox Presents "The T Word"

United States | 2014 | 41m | Ruth Cleary
Laverne Cox takes a trip across the real Trans America, meeting seven interesting and inspiring young people.

Ma Vie En Rose

Belgium | 1997 | 88m | Alain Berliner
Little "Ludovic" is a girl inside and wants only to be recognized. She seeks solace with Pam, a flying spirit princess, and declares her love for the next-door neighbor's daughter. But her family reacts with shock and alarm to her ...

More Love: Shorts

Germany | United Kingdom | United States | 69m
This Translations night of trans-themed short films turns up the heat with sexy tales of real-life porn stars, puppy lads, kinky couples, witches, leatherheads, and others.

None of the Above: Shorts

This program focuses on people who don't fully or constantly identify with either masculine or feminine genders.

Oya; Something Happened on the Way to West Africa

United States | 2015 | 30m | Seyi Adebanjo
Queer Nigerian-born director Seyi Adebanjo explores Yoruba spirituality, gender fluidity, and tradition, focusing on the warrior goddess Òrișà and Chief Moloran Ìyá Olóya, Seyi's great-grandmother.

Queen of Hearts

Belgium | 2016 | 82m | Guillermo Bergandi
A community of trans ladies and self-identified "she-males" form a theater cooperative to help sex workers get off the street.

Raising Zoey

United States | 2016 | 54m | Dante Alencastre
Zoey Luna proves that 13 isn't too young to start pushing for your civil rights. This documentary examines her life just as she's won a civil discrimination case against her school. Not content to rest on her laurels even as ...

Real Boy

United States | 2016 | 72m | Shaleece Haas
A trans boy and his friend transition and try to find their musical voice while coping with family matters.

The Real Deal: Trans Teen Shorts

Canada | United States | 62m
Fiction and documentary films by and about trans teens highlight the struggles of adolescence and the joys of first loves and discoveries.


Germany | Turkey | 2016 | 60m | Rüzgr Buski
Filmed during the Gezi Park protests in which millions of Turks demonstrated against the Erdogan regime, this film focuses on Şevval Kılıç, a trans sex worker and activist, and her involvement in the anti-government riots and the Istanbul Pride march.

So Long Suburbia

Canada | 2016 | 64m | Samuel Shanahoy
Teenaged Sadie is ditched by her best friend on Instagram and decides to turn into a loner. When she meets Miami, a proud queer teenybopper, Sadie soon finds herself in a clique of pretty awesome people. But her insecurities start ...

Summer Nights

France | 2014 | 104m | Mario Fanfari
Poor "Michel" isn't her real self unless she's Mylène. Presenting as a man to her wife, Mylène steals away to the countryside, where her feminine identity can thrive with other queer souls. But as Mylène gets stronger than Michel, it's ...

Transgender Life in Slovenia

Slovenia | 2016 | 39m | Michelle Emson
Meet the trans and gender-non-normative activists and citizens of Slovenia, a nation two million strong with an estimated trans population of 6,000. Queer people must weather abuse and neglect of their existence in the culture, but many refuse to stay ...

Transitioning: Transgender Chidren

U.S. Premiere | Spain | 2016 | 52m | Roser Oliver
This Spanish documentary reveals trans and nonconforming children and teens' stories and identities in their own words.