ALIBI ROOM--Sway, w/ DJ Monte

ARISTOCRAT'S CLUB--Venus Lounge, with E-Z Action, DJ Jazzy K, DJ Sock Monkey, $3

ARO.SPACE--Pleasure Musique, with DJ Brian Lyons, $2

ART BAR--Dancehall Reggae, with John Horn, Soul 1

BACKDOOR ULTRA LOUNGE--The Groove Council, with DJ DMZ & DJ Square, $4

BOHEMIAN--Reggae, w/ DJ Z, $3/$5

DOWNUNDER--Ssha-wing, with DJ P.I., free

FENIX UNDERGROUND--The Bazaar, with DJ Drew, $7

LAST SUPPER CLUB--Voodoo Clean-Up Crew, with DJ Ace

LATITUDE 47--Weekend Pre-Funk, with DJ Dice, free

MARCUS' MARTINI HEAVEN--Love, Pussycats & Car Wrecks, with DJ Crisco, free

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Psiek Electronic Café

NEIGHBOURS--Retrovenge, with DJ Trent Von & Sean Paul

RE-BAR--Queer Disco, w/ MC Lucky

ROMPER ROOM--Discotech, with DJ Cat, $3

UNIVERSITY SPORTS BAR--Pepe's Madness, w/ Brett Michaels & Tamm

VITO'S--House Thursdays w/ John Lemmon, Carlos Mendoza, guests, free

VOGUE--Pressure, with Eva, James B, Guests


ALIBI ROOM--Ajawest & Snake Rhythms

ARISTOCRAT'S CLUB--'70s, '80s, '90s Dance Music, with DJ Bray, $3

*ARO.SPACE--Digitales, with Nasir, Pink Martini, Tomato & Seatech, Polar, $7

BACKDOOR ULTRA LOUNGE--Blow-up, with DJs Derek Boyd & Darek Mazzone, $6

BALLARD EAGLES HALL--Mid Tempo Madness, $5

BESO DEL SOL--Salsa!, $5

BOHEMIAN--DJ Slick Rick, $5/$8

DOWNUNDER--Babooshka, $5

DV8--Top 40 R&B, w/ DJ Timmy Boy

FENIX UNDERGROUND--Seattle's Best Dance Music, with DJ Trent Von, $8

HABANA'S--House 101, with Scott Bronson & Brent Laurence

LAST SUPPER CLUB--Loungequake, with The Low Orchestra, DJ Topcat, LSDJ

LATITUDE 47--Friday Night Party, with DJ Ché, $3

LOS CABOS--Jim Basnight

MARCUS' MARTINI HEAVEN--Unxtian Sounds, with DJ Crisco, free



*RE-BAR--Hiphop, R&B, Funk, with DJ Riz, $5

ROMPER ROOM--'70s, '80s, '90s Dance, with DJ Andy Yang, $5

RUPERT'S--Rupert's Fridays, with DJ Tamm & DJ Brett, $7

VOGUE--Industrial Night, with DJ Krass


ALIBI ROOM--Triphop, with Nero

ARO.SPACE--Snackbar, with Guest DJ's, $8

ART BAR--The Foundation, The Con Men, $5

BACKDOOR ULTRA LOUNGE--Out of Sight, Out of Mind, with DJ DMZ, $6

BESO DEL SOL--Salsa!, $5

BOHEMIAN--DJ Kevvy Kev, $5/$8

CATWALK--Industrial & Gothic, with DJ Paul Aleinkoff & Peter, dress code in effect

DOWNUNDER--Thunderdome, with DJ Papa Gaz, $7

DV8--Massive, with Peter Greyy

HABANA'S--Prophet, with DJ Era & DJ Theory

LAST SUPPER CLUB--Pleasure Musique

LATITUDE 47--Saturday Night Party, with DJ Ché, $3

LOXSTOCK--R&B, with DJ Marvin

MARCUS' MARTINI HEAVEN--Mute, with DJ Crisco, free

*RE-BAR--Women's Night, with MC Queen Lucky, $5

ROMPER ROOM--'70s, '80s, '90s Dance, with DJ Andy Yang, $5

SITTING ROOM--DJ Woozee, free

VERTIGO--Top 40 &B, with DJ Timmy Boy, 18 & over

VOGUE--New Wave, with DJ Evan Blackstone


ALIBI ROOM--DJ Andy Knutsen

ARISTOCRAT'S CLUB--Salsa & Latin music with class, with DJ Jesus, free

ART BAR--House of Funk, with DJ Woogey & DJ Rockefeller, $5

BACKDOOR ULTRA LOUNGE-- Astro Lounge, free

FENIX UNDERGROUND--'80s Underground, with DJ Trent Von, $5

HABANA'S--Trick Deck

LATITUDE 47--Salsa, with DJ Manny, $3

LINDA'S TAVERN--DJ Ignatius, free

NEIGHBOURS--Retro '90s, with DJ Dana Dubb

RE-BAR--Flammable/pure house, with DJ Brian Lyons, $5

RKCNDY--DMC DJ Competition

VOGUE--Fetish night, with DJ Drew


BACK DOOR ULTRA LOUNGE--Saucy Hit Parade, with DJ Dexter Fremont, $3

BOHEMIAN--Reggae Dance Party, $3/$5

CENTRAL SALOON--Central Dance Party, $5

CENTURY BALLROOM--Swing Dance, with DJ Hep Jen

LATITUDE 47--Salsa, with DJ Fernando, free


ARO.SPACE--Ascend, with DJ Ra, $2

ART BAR--Phat Tuesday, $5

BACKDOOR ULTRA LOUNGE--Trip Hop, with DJ Derek Boyd, $3

BALTIC ROOM--Drum & Bass, with DJ Maxx Alexander & DJ Alo, Mark Mitchell & Carol Alms, $2

BEATBOX--e3, with DJ Novatron & DJ Diablu, 18 and over, $5

BOHEMIAN--Motown, with DJ Natty Nat, $5

DOWNUNDER--The Beat Parlor, with DJ Special K & DJ Gingerella

FENIX UNDERGROUND--Back Step, with DJ Tigger & DJ Sig-E, $5

LATITUDE 47--Top 40 & Retro, with DJ Shiggy, free

LINDA'S TAVERN--Linda's Groovin' Tuesdays, with DJ Diamond Dan, free

MARCUS' MARTINI HEAVEN--Seizure Salad, with DJ Fountainhead, free



ARISTOCRAT'S CLUB--Club Rat Pack, with DJ Leslie $ & DJ Continental, $5

*BACKDOOR ULTRA LOUNGE--Soiree de Femmes, with Linda Kennedy & the Amazing Serefina

CENTURY BALLROOM--Swing, with DJ King Solomon

DOWNUNDER--Crossover, with DJ P.I., free

DV8--Backspin, with DJ Peter Greyy & Billy the Kid



LATITUDE 47--Salsa, with DJ Manny, $3

LAVA LOUNGE--Studio 77, with Lance Mercer

LOXSTOCK--DJ Timmy Boy & Brett Michaels

MARCUS' MARTINI HEAVEN--New Wave Wednesdays, free

NEIGHBOURS--Queen's Kitchen, with DJ Trent Von

RAINBOW BAR & GRILL--Bootylicious, with DJ Rhyno

VOGUE--Gothic Night, with DJ