SEATTLE SYMPHONY-It's a violin showcase for guest Salvatore Accardo: Bruch's Konzerstück op. 84 and Saint-Saëns' Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 28. The orchestral pieces aren't as fiery, but they're just as fine: Hindemith's Symphonic Metamorphoses on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber and Debussy's less imposingly titled Images. Benaroya Hall, Taper Auditorium, 7:30 pm and Sat Feb 5, 8 pm, 215-4747 or, $10-$67.


MUSICIAN'S ACCORD-Music of Jovino Santos Neto, which sounds like... well, I've no idea, but from the title "VirtualConcert" and a lecture he's giving about the Internet and music, he seems pretty taken with computers. PONCHO Theater, Cornish College, 710 E Roy, 8 pm, 726-5030, $4 students & seniors/$8 general.


IVES QUARTET-Three concerts spread over two days by the acclaimed ensemble, with guest Delores Stevens at the piano for some pieces. First up is the most tuneful set (Beethoven's "Ghost Trio," von Dohnanyi's Quintet in C minor, Op. 1, and Tania French's Fantasia for Violin and Piano). The middle's a bit more adventurous: Hindemith's Sonata, Op. 11, No. 4, Beethoven's elliptical "Quartetto Serioso," Op. 95, and Brahms' C minor Quartet, Op. 51, No. 1. Sunday's when you want to go, though; not for Brahms' Quintet Op. 34 or Copland's charming but simple Sonata for Violin and Piano, but for Shostakovich's anguished Quartet No. 8, which is for me (and many others) the finest quartet from the finest quartet writer of the 20th century. Joseph F. Wheeler Theater, Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, Sat Feb 5, 2 pm and 8 pm, and Sun Feb 6, 2 pm, 360-385-5320 or 1-800-733-3608, $16/$19 (individual concerts), $42/$51 (series).


KEVIN GOLDSMITH-The latest Composer Spotlight from Jack Straw Productions, consisting of "Meet the Artist" lectures and performances. Goldsmith, who composes under the name Intonarumori, claims the futurists as a special influence, along with serialists, minimalists, industrialists, and just about anyone else who's made music in the last hundred years. Jack Straw Productions, 4261 Roosevelt Way NE, 7:30 pm, free.


Thursday 2/3


20 MILES-Crystal Ballroom, Portland

Friday 2/4

ELIADES OCHOA-Aladdin Theater, Portland

CHRIS CORNELL-Arlene Schnitzer Hall, Portland

THE WAILERS-Crystal Ballroom, Portland

Saturday 2/5


LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY-2 Louies, Blaine

RAEKWON-Roseland Theater, Portland

Tuesday 2/8

MOUNTAIN CON.-Lola's, Portland

CHRIS CORNELL-Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC

Wednesday 2/9

ANTHRAX/FU MANCHU-Roseland Theater, Portland


STATION OF THE WEEK: KBCS 91.3 FM. Since when did jazz become safety music? (Was this about the same time abstract art became building lobby art?) KPLU 88.3 treats jazz like it's hold music for the telephone; their formula is frighteningly close to "lite jazz," playing big names only within the safe parameters of their dozen or so ballads. KBCS, out of Bellevue Community College, treats jazz like it's something volatile, experimental, interesting. Flip to this station to hear hot jazz, offensive jazz, and curious jazz-jazz expressing something other than the smooth and slow stuff too easily translated as background music.

Thursday 2/3

PSEUDOSCIENCE-All fields of human ingenuity write themselves as fiction: Manuals are testimonies of how a machine is supposed to work; journalism shapes a story as much as it reports the story; and science? Good god, these people want to clone-the ultimate in fabrication! Scientists are also seriously studying telepathy, UFOs, and crystal power. Can the themes usually reserved for science fiction also be science? 94.9 FM, 7:30 pm.

VOICES OF DEATH-These are not "voices of the dead," which would be campy, but "voices of death," which are creepy. This is KUOW's Radio Mystery Theater, however, so instead it will be silly and entertaining. 94.9 FM, 10 pm.

Saturday 2/5

SONARCHY-If you're opting to stay in and do drugs tonight rather than go out to drink, I highly recommend turning to KCMU at 11 pm to hear live experimental music out of Jack Straw Productions. It might make you want to do more drugs, which could be a very bad thing, but it's more often than not the perfect mood music for your sedated self while the rest of 'em are yelling in bars. 90.3 FM, 11pm-midnight.

Sunday 2/6

SERMONS-Three sermon traditions-those of the metaphysical poet John Donne, the Puritans, and African Americans-will be compared. Consider yourself "spiritual" though not "religious"? Are you the type who says, "Well, I mean, there's some kind of higher power out there"? Stop pussyfooting around your mortality. These folks have thought more about it. 94.9 FM, 2:30 pm.

Wednesday 2/9

RON SIMS-Witness a match made in heaven, as the King County Executive embraces the radio for allowing him to do what he does best: talk. It may be hard to wake up to the politician's-politician blowing smoke around Sound Transit issues, but remember that he represents you, whether you're stuck in traffic, riding the glacial bus, or huffing up a hill sucking exhaust. 94.9 FM, 9 am.