I SLINK INTO I-Spy's dimly lit front room and seat myself among the other novelty explorers who are caught somewhere between bleeding edge and cutting edge. It's Monday and the place is new, so only a handful of people are checking this out: hanging about, posing, slurping. There is a sense, though, that this spot is going to take off, launch itself into clubber orbit and become a destination in no time at all.

Looking around at the small, scattered group of scene animals, I expect to be irritated. There are only a few of le club set here, though. No knuckle-dragging heat-seekers, no furry exhibitionists, no plastic Betties, no pill-poppin' spazzes cruising the dark, smoky cave. No one to spoil the view or the vibe just yet.

Triphop starts the eve, weaving its way between the smoke, people, and drinks. Even the few candle flames in sight seem to flicker in time with the music. DJ Sho'nuph is manning the decks, serving up a smooth and easy session. I sip on my 7 & 7 and soak up the downbeats.

I notice the chatter in the room growing as more beers, tonics, and mixers are poured and served at the bar. The tunes are changing along with the DJ. DJ Kool Dave takes over and turns our slow, ambient trip into a faster, more emotional ride. Hiphop is fully rolling on the turntables. There are a lot of heads moving, as if everyone is nodding yes over and over again. Dave's mixing it all up, throwing on "Paranoimia," the Max Headroom theme song by Art of Noise.

The third DJ-switch ramps us up to funk. Lord Chillum serves at the tables now. Anticipation and drinks are piling. The bass pumps. I can't help but fixate on the empty dance floor, look around, and watch others also eye the space. We're all waiting for the first mover to get on up, so I rise, grab my dance partner, and head for the floor. Soon, I think, the others will join, once the sauce and the rhythm kick in. But it's a Monday. The bartender starts to lock up doors, snuff candles. Those of us left dancing begin to wind down. The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds" carries us all away, before last call and the lights go out.