by Bruce Reid


ICICLE CREEK CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL--This summer fest of light classics (just fine for late sunsets and the night skies of Leavenworth) kicks off with the enjoyably funky Turtle Island String Quartet. More legitimately jazzy than most quartets, far less smirking toward pop music, and not as showy in their incorporation of world music forms, the ensemble won't change your life but they'll make a few hours of it more pleasant. Their two concerts may be considerably different, given the improvisational nature of their music. Sleeping Lady, Icicle Rd (off Hwy 2 in Leavenworth), 8 pm (Sun July 2 at 2 pm), 877-265-6226, $20.

SEATTLE SYMPHONY--The Symphony's new Watjen concert organ gets a special evening all its own. Hear its pipes cleaned to the sounds of Bach's Prelude and Fugue in G, BWV 550; Handel's Organ Concerto in F, Op. 4, No. 4; Haydn's Organ Concerto No. 2 in C; the Allegro assai from Guilmant's Symphony No. 1 in D; and the world premiere of David Diamond's Symphony No. 10, written for the occasion. Organists Guy Bovet, James David Christie, and Carole Terry trade off the different pieces. Benaroya Hall, Taper Auditorium, Second and University, 215-4747 or, 8 pm, $10-$62.


GUY BOVET--"Still more organ music?" you cry? Okay, then. Bovet returns in a collection of pieces by Balbastre, Bach, Frank, Alain, and Karg-Elert, plus one of the performer's own compositions. Benaroya Hall, Taper Auditorium, Second and University, 215-4747 or, 8 pm, $15/$30.


SEATTLE CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL--If you'd love to attend a chamber fest, but don't feel like heading east, this might be for you. As the name states, concerts are within city limits, and the programs are familiar but pleasantly diverse. What's more, each concert offers a wealth of viewing options: a free 7 pm recital in McKay Chapel, followed by a paid concert in St. Nicholas Hall; but if you don't mind staring at a brick wall, you can sit out on the lawn for free and hear the music pumped out to you. Got it? Then get it quick--tickets sell out pretty fast. This year's opener has a recital from Carmen Pelton performing assorted Schubert and Liszt songs (Craig Sheppard on the piano); the concert continues the theme with Schubert's "The Shepherd on the Rock," followed by Turina's Quartet for Piano and Strings in A, Op. 67, and Sibelius' even more Romantic Quintet for Piano and Strings in G. Lakeside School, 14050 First Ave NE, 283-8808, 7 pm, $15 students/$25-$32 general.


SEATTLE CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL--Concert number two features a terrific recital by pianist Craig Sheppard and oboist Alex Klein: Leschitizky's Variations on a Theme of Beethoven, Britten's Temporal Variations, and Piazzolla's Tanti Anni Prima. The 8 pm concert has Loeffler's Two Rhapsodies for Oboe, Viola, and Piano; Suk's marvelously affecting Quartet for Piano and Strings in A, Op. 1; and Beethoven's "Archduke" Trio. Lakeside School, 14050 First Ave NE, 283-8808, 7 pm, $15 students/$25-$32 general.


by Megan Seling


ON THE CORNER--If you still believe that Limp Bizkit was the first "groundbreaking" band to mesh together two genres of music like hiphop and rock, then you are sadly mistaken and in desperate need of expansion of your musical horizons. Hear jazz music that has collided with other genres including funk, hiphop, and acid jazz, and stick THAT up your... YEAH! KBCS 91.3 FM, 10 pm.


THISTLE AND SHAMROCK--This week's show, appropriately titled "And If You Know the Words, Please Join In...," boasts itself as being the best sing-along excuse so far this century. Of course, you're only going to be able to sing along if you are at all familiar with Celtic choruses, but who isn't these days? KBCS 91.3 FM, noon.


YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS--With all the recent talk about the EMP and those old-time rock gods, you've probably been neglecting your current hometown heroes. Give your local and soon-to-be-legendary rockers some love by tuning into Young and the Restless to hear some of the best music coming out of the Pacific Northwest. KNDD 107.7 FM, 9 pm.


SEEING EAR THEATRE--Tonight is part two of "Think like a Dinosaur"... but also featured tonight is "Too Late: An Experiment in Sound Theatre." Using various sound effects including groans, grunts, sighs, and screams, you the listener are invited to write your own story. KUOW 94.9 FM, 9:30 pm.


SEEING EAR THEATRE--Calling all Trekkies! Star Trek's very own Walter Koenig plays an alien commander who picks up an old 1938 radio signal in tonight's broadcast of "Orson the Alien"! Too much excitement for one day? Don't worry! It's only part one tonight. Tune in tomorrow, same time and place, for the conclusion. KUOW 94.9 FM, 9:30 pm.


DE LA SOUL, BIZ MARKIE, TAB KWELI: Thurs June 29, Roseland Theater, Portland

MURDER CITY DEVILS, THE CATHETERS: Thurs June 29, Satyricon, Portland

DR. JOHN: Fri June 30, Waterfront Park, Portland

ZEKE, NEW BOMB TURKS, VALENTINE KILLERS: Fri June 30, Paradigm, Portland

THE PALADINS, DUSTY 45's: Sat July 1, Berbati's Pan, Portland

CURTIS SALGADO: Sat July 1, Waterfront Park, Portland

FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS: Sun July 2, Waterfront Park, Portland

JONNY LANG: Mon July 3, Waterfront Park, Portland

PINETOP PERKINS: Tues July 4, Waterfront Park, Portland

TOM LANDA & THE PAPERBOYS: Tues July 4, Lake Meridian Park, Kent