by Bruce Reid


BULGARIAN WOMEN'S CHOIR--One of the finest groups to benefit from the renewed interest in World Music that exploded in the late '80s, the Bulgarian Women's Choir continue to make music whose pure, extended tones haunt as they buzz in the air. So lovely, I forgive them even for teaming up with Yes. Meany Hall, UW campus, 543-4880 or 292-ARTS, 8 pm, $28.

SHARON ISBIN--The Seattle Classic Guitar Society starts off their season with Isbin, whose picking has won her a full shelf of awards, as well as commissions from the likes of Tower, Corigliano, Foss, and Brouwer. No word on her performance lineup tonight; if my vote counts, I'd love to hear the Foss. Benaroya Hall, Nordstrom Recital Hall, 297-8788, 7:30 pm, $23, $18 students/seniors/SCGS members.

JUDITH MALAFRONTE--The mezzo-soprano is joined by her regular partner viola da gambist Margriet Tindemans for an intriguing evening of medieval songs organized around the twin poles of the Virgin Mary as superhero (interceding to save the life of various travelers), and the fascination of medieval Europe for all things Oriental--particularly strange, threatening monsters. Town Hall, Eighth and Seneca, 726-6088, 8 pm, $20, $16 seniors, $10 students.

TUDOR CHOIR--One of my favorite unverifiable music legends is that the soaring high C soprano line of Allegri's Miserere was so lovely and unique that unauthorized copying of the manuscript for study became an excommunicable offense (and that Mozart went ahead and did it anyway). This lovely piece is the easy highlight of this evening of Renaissance music; not that Palestrina (Surge, iIlluminare and Alma redemptoris mater), Tallis (Candidi facti sunt), and Byrd (Haec dies and Ne irascaris) were composers to sneeze at, however. St. Mark's Cathedral, 1245 10th Ave E, 322-3118, 8 pm, $15-$18.

SUNDAY 10/15

BELLA MUSICA WOODWIND TRIO--A nice variety of composers--Haydn, Wolfl, Arnold, Schulhoff--allows for a pleasant way to trip through three centuries of woodwind music. Seattle Asian Art Museum, Volunteer Park, 654-3100, 2 pm, $12, $6 students/seniors.


SEATTLE SYMPHONY--The first Music of Our Time concert of the year reminds you that centennials last all year long. Yes, it's still Copland season at Benaroya, though at least the Nonet and Clarinet Concerto are quite fine, and Music for the Movies is harmless enough. It's not all Copland tonight, but it's all old: The evening gets rounded out with Weill's incomparable Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. Benaroya Hall, Nordstrom Recital Hall, 215-4747 or, 7:30 pm, $18.

by Kris Adams

FRIDAY 10/13

KUOW PRESENTS--"Human Exploration of Space: Fact and Fiction." Hosted by KPCC's Larry Mantle, this program delves into the relationship between science fiction and science fact, and its themes of destiny, risk, the myth and reality of Mars, and Apollo 11, among others. The impact of fiction on our perception of space from Verne to Bradbury, from Star Trek to 2001, is also explored, through the words of outer-limits notables Ray Bradbury, Buzz Aldrin, and our own Bill Nye the Science Guy. 94.9 KUOW FM, 10 pm.


ALTERNATIVE RADIO--"The Manufacture of History." George Orwell once said, "Who controls the past controls the future," but progressive historians have begun to challenge this traditional point of view. Michael Parenti, an independent political analyst and author, will be discussing these challenges to conventional history, such as the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C., which has long been accepted by history as an attempt to preserve democracy. But was it? 94.9 KUOW FM, 3 pm.

SUNDAY 10/15

SOUNDPRINT--"Chasing Amy." Tune in and try to figure out Amy, a 77-year-old Nova Scotian woman who is refusing any treatment for her cancer--a type that can be treated quite successfully. Instead, Amy is having fun making detailed plans for her suicide. Is she a brave woman who wants to ensure a dignified death, or a crazy old bag taking morbid pleasure in thwarting the efforts of the people charged with her care? Hear these physicians, nurses, and social workers struggle with the decisions they must make in dealing with Amy, and how such decisions contribute to the complexities they, and society, must face about a person's right to die. KUOW 94.9 FM, 6 pm.


ESTRELLA 20/20, VAZ: Thurs Oct 12, EJ's, Portland

MOE.: Thurs Oct 12, Crystall Ballroom, Portland

LEO KOTTKE: Fri Oct 13, Aladdin Theater, Portland

SUPER DIAMOND: Fri Oct 13, Crystal Ballroom, Portland

BARENAKED LADIES: Fri Oct 13, Rose Garden Arena, Portland

LOS MEX PISTOLS DEL NORTE: Fri Oct 13, EJ's, Portland


MARK LANEGAN, MIKE JOHNSON: Sun Oct 15, Lola's Room, Portland

DEFTONES, INCUBUS, TAPROOT: Sun Oct 15, Salem Armory, Salem

M. DOUGHTY: Mon Oct 16, Berbati's Pan, Portland

DISCO BISCUITS: Wed Oct 18, Crystal Ballroom, Portland

CHRISTINA AGUILERA, DESTINY'S CHILD: Wed Oct 18, Rose Garden Arena, Portland