Munehisa Yamakawa, a.k.a. Mug Frosty
RESIDENCIES: every Wednesday from 10 pm-midnight. Also opening for FCS North's CD-release show at the Baltic Room on Sat Dec 2. "I'm psyched to be playing with MCs Mark Love and Uncle Nate, and Sientific American and AMS Ryan Iverson Industries Inc." In the meantime, this Tokyo expat can also be found slinging Coronas and quesadillas at Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen and the Cha-Cha Lounge.

When did you realize your DJ calling?

"When I was a kid hanging out in the clubs, maybe? Listening to good music. Is that an answer?"

What did you aspire to be as a kid?

"I don't know, an older guy? I just really didn't want to work a regular job. I didn't want to stay in Tokyo for the rest of my life either!"

What song do you never want to hear again?

"The Neutral Milk Hotel's Jesus Christ song! That was killing me for a long time at my work!"

Who are some of your influences?

"Andrew Weatherwall, DJ Premier, DJ Kensei, DJ Beat, DJ Yugo, DJ Krush, Prince Paul, Beck, Nasty Nas, Zeebra, Rappagarya, and whoever is playing cool music."

What's the best thing about being a DJ?

"Playing with other DJs and MCs at Groovetech. And playing in my room--I don't need to talk."

If you were to DJ your high-school prom....

--Zeebra, "Partychecka" (UBG)

--A couple of songs off Sabres of Paradise's Haunted Dancehall (Warp)

--Nas, "The World Is Yours" (Columbia)

--B. Boyism, "Rhymestar" (File)

--Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Sub Pop)