Rachel Rudnick a.k.a. Hot Carla
RESIDENCY: Panty Raid, Tuesday nights at Foxes.

How is Hot Carla different from Rachel Rudnick?

"Three cowboy cocksuckers and a six-pack."

What is Panty Raid about?

"It's a night for karaoke performance, the meshing of ideas, interpretive dance, bingo, and praising the Lord, amen."

Describe a really good night at Panty Raid.

"Stripping pizza boys; people doing grind-core versions of go-go songs; you'll win a really nice prize, like canned meat or the Book of Est; maybe our host Sam Hammiches will hit on you; or co-host Special Amber will see angels. She's pregnant, you know."

Special Amber is pregnant?

"Yes, and she's never had sex. She calls it her 'immaculate collection.' And she's due on Christmas. She's as big as a house. We're gonna have a baby shower for her. She's registered at the Dollar Store--and she especially likes angels."

What's with the Chippendales videos?

"It's Special Amber's masturbatory material. She likes to bring it to share. She's a virgin, you know. We particularly like the Chippendales' 'butt symphony'--four guys in Speedos and bow ties, with a conductor directing their asses as they flex to the music."

Where did the idea for Panty Raid come from?

"A nice little legal brothel in Nevada called the Chicken Ranch, which spawned a lovely lady named Connie--a classy lady who was our original host. She went back to the Chicken Ranch to take over for the retired madam. She'll be back here, though--she'll be testifying against her ex-boyfriend. He's an alleged child molester."

So, besides the "scaraoke," where does your DJ-ing fit into the show?

"We have little dance breaks when Amber has to pee. She's pregnant, you know."

What kind of music do you play?

"Mostly dollar-bin records, and an occasional exercise tape."