Kerri Harrop a.k.a. DJ Cherry Canoe
RESIDENCIES/UPCOMING GIGS: Every other Thursday at the Lava Lounge, once a month at I-Spy's Violated, and tons of Christmas parties this month.

What's your day job?

"I'm an ad rep for clubs, bands, and promoters at the Seattle Weekly."

You're forgiven. So how did you get started DJ-ing?

"When I was a kid my mom was a bartender and worked nights, so my sister and I had a lot of time to ourselves at home. We would play disco and turn the house into our idea of a nightclub and dance to 'Heart of Glass' and drink cocktails made out of mixer and 7-Up. I've always had an unhealthy obsession with music and pop culture, plus I worked at Sub Pop for five years, so I've got tons of records. My first 'real' DJ gig was at Linda's when it first opened, and it was so much fun I never stopped."

So who do you think has the best record collection in town?

"Hands down, the record collection that impressed me the most was [late Up Records founder] Chris Takino's. He had soul cuts that no one's ever heard of and appreciated everything from Dorothy Moore to Tyrone Davis. If there's a heaven, Chris is there and he's hanging out in the coolest used-record store you can dream of, listening to 'Be Thankful for What You've Got' by William DeVaughn."

What has been your favorite crowd?

"Om Johari [of Hell's Belles] celebrated her birthday this summer at the Lava Lounge and someone flipped the switch from ON to OFF THE HOOK! People dancing on the bar, Chaka Khan & Rufus filling the air, and hotties everywhere you looked--a night that will go down in Belltown history. That, and the first Violated at I-Spy a few months ago--you really haven't lived until you've danced with Murder City Gabe to 'Oye Como Va.'"

What about your least favorite?

"I hate it when people make totally clueless requests. Don't ever ask me to play 'Boots' by Nancy Sinatra and don't ask to flip through my records unless I've seen you naked or I owe you money. You gotta trust the DJ. I don't see an anchor on your ass--if you don't like it, leave."

What record is in your personal hall of fame?

"'I Don't Know Why I Love You' by Stevie Wonder. I've listened to that song hundreds and hundreds of times and it still gives me goose bumps. He sings it like he means it--you can totally feel the passion. I'm a sucker for sweet soul love songs."

Why do fools fall in love?

"To ensure the prosperity of songs like 'Can I Change My Mind' by Tyrone Davis and 'Ever Fallen in Love' by the Buzzcocks. Plus, it's really fun to make out!"