Sientific American
RESIDENCIES/GIGS: Research and Development, Thursdays at the Alibi Room; Sun Jan 7 at I-Spy; producing upcoming remixes for Automaton and Tristeza, and another record really soon.

Explain the name a little bit. Is losing the 'c' in 'sientific' just about copyright issues, or something deeper and more meaningful?

"I needed the 'c' to spell 'American.'"

How would you explain your music to, say, your grandma?

"Underground electronic, music by and for ex-indie rockers, glitch-hop, dsp, IDM. It's like, well... forget it. Grandma, can I have my Autechre CD back?"

What has been your most embarrassing moment as a DJ?

"Telling all my friends I was working Mark Wahlberg's birthday party, which was really going to happen, and then it being canceled. No Marky Mark freestyling over Sientific beats. (Or maybe this is a narrow miss with what would have been my most embarrassing moment as a DJ.) Also, having to DJ sitting down at the Slabco party in New York. Not very embarrassing--just really stupid."

When you were a kid, did you picture yourself spinning for the likes of Mr. Boogie Nights and putting out records?

"I've always been into music. I played trumpet in junior high and high school, drums and guitar indie-rock-style after that, then started doing sample-based music in '97. DJ-ing happened by accident. I bought records to get samples for my own music, and from that got into '60s-'70s soul and funk, which I started to DJ with (as one-third of Truth and Soul, Inc.). I was never much for club/house music, but started to hear more underground electronic styles and really liked it, so I decided to take a shot at it. I've been DJ-ing this kind of stuff for about a year and a half."

One very long car trip, five CDs--what do you bring?

"I don't have a CD player in my car, so I bring ones with nice-looking covers":

--Various, Invisible Soundtracks Vol. 4 (Leaf)

--Various, Lily of the Valley (Schematic)

--Piano Magic, Panic Amigo (Morr Music)

--Funkstörung, Appetite for Disctruction (!K7)

--Ko-Wreck Technique, Ko-Wrecktion (Chocolate Ind.)