Doug Baughman
RESIDENCIES: Square One, Friday nights at Ego.

What's your day job?


As in, you work for a gaming company?

"No, as in PlayStation, the gaming unit, an essential tool while I sit on my ass on my couch. Occasionally I pick up a shift at Beats International--in between games, of course."

How did you get started DJ-ing?

"Probably six years ago I saw someone mixing and that was it--I began buying records."

Tell me about your worst show ever, and your best.

"Worst would have to be the City of Lights in Renton. It's a local sports bar, and I do mean 'local.' Sorry, my friends to the south. I'd get into it more but I get all choked up. Best is hands-down the door-closer at Superhighway, the last party, a four-hour set."

What's the story on Superhighway now?

"I'm going to have to take the Fifth on that question."

What did you listen to when you were in high school?

"Ministry, Helmet, Dinosaur Jr... sometimes Slayer and other buttrock."

So was your transformation from rocker to house freak instant? What was the first non-guitar-based song that really got to you?

"I couldn't tell you exactly one song that really hooked me. Everything that I was listening to was labeled as 'triphop' when I started, but that covered everything from downbeat to electro breaks. It seemed kind of a logical progression to me, the harder-edged guitar stuff that I was listening to was heavily laid with samples and beats. Breakbeat, to me, was moving forward with that, and house music came shortly after."

Do you ever sneak home after a long night and play some Helmet, just for fun?

"I'd have to be in rare form."


--DJ Garth & ETI, "20 minutes of Disco Glory"

--Beth Orton, "Central Reservation (Deep Dish remix)"

--AKS & Ghenacia, "Akacia"

--Zaki Dee and Rob Mello, "Freakin Upside Down"

--Problem Kids, "Our Sunshine Suite"