Chapter 29
(DJ Kashun, Putney Swope, Mr. Hill)

RESIDENCIES:, Saturdays noon-2 pm.

So you guys have been doing this show every Saturday for about two years... how's it different from broadcast radio shows?

Kashun: "We can swear! [Laughs.]"

Hill: "We can pretty much do whatever we want, play what we want."

Do you get much immediate feedback when you're on the air?

Swope: "Occasionally, sometimes like five per show. Some days, though, no one will say anything."

Hill: "People are sleeping."

Does that make your show any different?

Hill: "Yeah, because sometimes I can just go up there and scratch for 15 minutes and do things that a lot of people, especially on the radio, probably wouldn't want to hear. But the people that listen to this kind of music might want to hear it."

How are you guys feeling about the state of hiphop today? Are you excited to buy new records?

Swope: "I've been consistently disappointed, to tell you the truth. I mean, I see some shit come out once in a while that I like. I've started buying stuff for the beats the last couple years because I got really disappointed with the MCs. There are some really good MCs, I don't want to dis them--the guys who don't just say the stuff everyone's been saying for the last 20 years."

How is it being the lone hiphop guys at electronic-focused Groovetech?

Kashun: "I think it's a good thing!"

Swope: "You know, I mean, we're rare around here. If someone calls up and says, 'I wanna hear some hiphop,' they're gonna hear our show."

Hill: "We do get blamed for breaking equipment, though, and it's not us."

Kashun: "It's not!"

So the hiphop guys are the thugs, then?

Hill: "Apparently. The resident thugs [laughs]."