Duff McKagan
EVENT: Two shows at Sit & Spin: McKagan's Loaded plays on Thurs March 8; the Gentlemen play on Fri March 9.

You're in two bands at the moment?

"I was in this band a few years ago called the Gentlemen, with Taz from Reverend Horton Heat, Michael from Plexi, and Dex from Black Flag. We toured most of the U.S. We were good, but not great--I'd just had my first child, and I wanted to go back to school. A while ago I started the Gentlemen again, this time with Dave Dederer and Jason Finn, who's in something like 13 bands at the moment. We're playing SXSW this year, in hopes of getting a record deal. That's why you play SXSW, isn't it? Loaded already has a licensing deal in Japan. We're making a record right now at Jupiter Studios with Martin Feveyear."

You're a student at Seattle University. What's your major?

"I've claimed a business major, but I love English. Getting into Seattle University was quite a coup for me. I didn't graduate from high school. It was an alternative school and Kim Warnick was my counselor. I was playing drums in the Fastbacks and they gave me P.E. credit for carrying gear and I got some business credits for going to practice. So when I decided to go back to school, I went to Seattle Community College for a while, then got into SU."

Do the kids at SU recognize you from Guns N' Roses?

"The kids have kind of found out about it. You know, I was in this big band, and you get more than you could ever ask for from something like that. Now my life is really normal--I have a family, and I'm going to school... but yeah, recently the word has spread."

What do you think about playing small venues like Planet Hot Rod in Fife after having been in Guns N' Roses?

"I love that place! The people are having a great time there. It reminds me of punk rock a long time ago, before people really cared about anything other than having fun and listening to music. You go to that club and there's a bunch of people standing around with beer cans and their hair feathered back, having fun. They don't care about anything else."

Do you headline when you play Planet Hot Rod?

"My name PULLS in Fife, man!"