DJ Aaron of the Beat Messengers
EVENT: The Beat Messengers play EMP's Liquid Lounge on Tues May 8 at 9 pm.

You're a busy guy.... Aside from your day job, what have you been up to?

"I've been working for a while on a trio I'm in called sub_sonic. We have a lot of fun playing dance sets with turntables, keyboards, samplers, effects, and assorted Toys R Us merchandise. We recently self-released an album, Blue Fuzzy. I also go by the name of Knightrider for old-school nights by Supersonic and Lovecats. And I spin a downtempo set every Friday during happy hour, as well as random Mondays as a part of Blue, both of which are at the Baltic Room.

I really enjoy collaborating with other people because I feel a lot more expressive when there are several other inputs not under my control. As opposed to what I like about a DJ set, which is about working a party and progressing the evening like a movie or good story."

How long have you been a Beat Messenger?

"Michael [Antonia] and I started playing together at the Last Supper Club's HiFi Lounge about six months ago. We've been the Beat Messengers for almost that long."

Why do you think the Broken Beats night at Nation is doing so well?

"That night just has such a great vibe. You really can't go wrong with interesting beats and breakdancers."

What do you see as your strongest asset as a DJ?

"That I have studied drums and percussion for almost 20 years, and I hear rhythms really well."

What genres are you excited about at the moment?

"I'm really getting into medium-tempo breakbeat stuff; and I'm always a sucker for a great downtempo track."

What was the last record you bought?

"I have to be honest--it was 2 Live Crew's 'We Want Some Pussy.'"