Phil Wanderscher
After a rather bruising stint collaborating with Ryan Adams in Whiskeytown, guitarist Phil Wanderscher met Jesse Sykes and formed Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, which opens for the Walkabouts this Saturday, January 5 at the Crocodile.

So do you like being in a band with your girlfriend better than being in a band with Ryan Adams? "I don't know, they both fight like girls."

What's the best drinking experience you've had in recent memory? "Surprisingly enough it was at Dave Conant's funeral about a month ago at the Tractor. I capped off the beautiful memorial by rolling around in a muddy gutter, laughing hysterically--ruining my suit jacket."

What was it that seduced you into coming to Seattle after you left Whiskeytown? "One time we were out here for a couple of days for some shows, and a friend took me on a ferry ride to Bainbridge. At one point while standing on the upper deck, I took a bite off my corn dog, a swallow of piss-warm beer, fired up a smoke, and realized the beauty of this place."

What's the biggest misconception your friends have about you? "That I'm a drunk, smartass redneck.... I ain't drunk all the time."

What's the biggest misconception about the South? "That the first thing a girl from North Carolina says when she loses her virginity is, 'Git off me Paw, yew's crushin' ma smokes!'"

What's the best travel experience you've had? "A special one would have to be the camping trip we took a couple of summers ago over to Winthrop to see Merle Haggard at their annual country music festival. From smoked turkey legs to 'gators in the hay, we had a good ol' time. I almost got in a fight with some big jackass redneck and I chugged Dickel with strangers under the stars while our hero Merle picked some fine tunes. Once Charlie Daniels hit the stage, shit got ugly. We soon left and went back to the camp, where we burned popcorn and chased Merle's tour bus off into the night."

Interview by Hannah Levin